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First house remodel
  • First house remodel

First house remodel

My wife and I bought our first house in November of last year. We bought it from an elderly woman who bought the house new. The woman kept everything original including the shag carpets and the DARK brown cupboards. We decided we did not like the shag or the carpet and took everything out, including two walls to open up the living space a bit. We work on the house every Saturday and Sunday as we work Monday through Friday at our jobs. We are hoping to finish this project soon as we wish to move in and get out of the in-laws house. There have been a few setbacks such as the electrical in the walls was not done to code so we had to pay an electrician to fix the mistake. We are the only ones working on the project as we are hoping to save money from labor to put into a deck in the backyard.

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Difficulty: Hard
Category: Renovations

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