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Modern Builds
Modern Builds
Modern Builds
Modern Builds

This greenhouse is a relatively simple design and is a great project to get started with construction materials and framing. Framed completely from 2x4's this sturdy greenhouse is completely customizable to fit your needs. Want a bigger greenhouse? Go for it. Need a smaller greenhouse? Pare this design down to just the right size for you. All the written instructions fallow along with the included build video to help everything make more sense. Lets get started!

I hope you enjoyed this project, If you have any questions be sure to leave it in the comments and I'll try and help as much as I can. Thanks!!

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  1. Project Steps

    1. Step: 1

      Step One: The greenhouse is made up of simple 2x4 framing with studs spaced 24" on center. The horizontal shelf brackets that will be added later add a lot of lateral support to make the greenhouse more sturdy. I've included dimensions to the my greenhouse, but feel free to change anything up to fit your needs.

    2. Step: 2

      Step Two: Framing the roof is also very simple in design. Three 6' tall, 3' wide triangular gables are used to support the horizontal rafters. I installed the rafters horizontally to provide more surface area to attach the corrugated panels.

    3. Step: 3

      Step Three: After leveling a concrete block foundation for the greenhouse, I put the walls in place and attached the roof with galvanized decking screws.

    4. Step: 4

      Step Four: The shelves are spaced two feet apart and are attached to the same galvanized decking screws. I attached 1x4 slats with brad nails. I spaced the slats about a half of in inch to provide air flow and to provide drainage.

    5. Step: 5

      Step Five: Installing the panels are relatively simple. Be sure to use the correct sheet metal screws with a "gasket washer" to ensure a waterproof installation.

    6. Step: 6

      Step Six: I waited to build the door until everything was put together to make sure I got a good, snug fit. Once I knew it fit, I could install the hinges and panels.

Comments (14)

  • I wish you would include all dimensions for projects.

    By Turtlemom
    • Between the video and pictures included in the article, all the necessary measurements should be there.

      By Modern Builds

  • Loved the project, straightforward desgn, think you make it look easier than shown. can you say how long it took you to finish the project. thanks :)

    By beadiejones
    • Thank you!! I don't have an exact hour count, but it was took somewhere around a couple weeks

      By Modern Builds

  • Great project. Do you happen to have a total shopping materials list (i.e. 20 2x4, 10 1x4) etc? Just for good planning / guestimations. And thank you!

    By CA_Curtis

  • What was the project parts breakdown. Ex how many 2x4, panels etc. I'd like to price this out on the Home Depot site

    By Nssk979

  • This looks like sturdy construction however there are significant issues. Without air vents near the top of the greenhouse this will turn into a sauna and your plants will not survive. Also, unless you use slabs, pavers or gravel for your flooring, watering your plants will make a mess of your earth floor. Did you talk to a gardener about the hight of your shelves? Otherw GBise an engaging post.

    By ekwhit

  • a supply list of materials needed would be nice. frankly this web site is NOT user friendly.

    By Cheflady45

  • How many 2X4s ? How many plastic panels???? hello this would be helpful. I'm going back to the other web site . it is more user friendly

    By Cheflady45

  • For a more specific project materials list, please view the video above, it walks you through step by step and should help you out! If you have anymore specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

    By RYOBI Nation

  • A material list with how many of each would be helpful. A cutting list with measurements would help

    By RandyC626

  • I love this green house, and have watched the video over and over, the measurements for sides,is there, but not the door or the rafters, could you please give me those measurements please. I have a base for my greenhouse project, it will be 6 feet X 12 feet long. I would appreciate hearing from you sincerely, DM snowden

    By Scatarie

  • I just sent you an email, and I am very sorry, the measurements are there for the door by not the rafters, could you just give me the measurements for those please and thank you. Sincerely DM Snowden .

    By Scatarie

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