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My friends moved into a beautiful new home, but it was lacking a useful mudroom space. I was looking for an excuse to use my new ryobi tools from Father's Day (especially my AirStrike ... I love that thing!). After mulling over several different styles on Pinterest, I made a sketch of the proposed project. After a couple modifications and some plywood rip cuts at Home Depot, I spent approximately 16 hours over the course of a week to I building a bench, some faux board-and-batten and an upper cabinet. This was my second time creating a bench and my first time making a cabinet from scratch. Overall I'm pleased with the results (as are my friends). I learn a little more each time a make something new, so next time will be even better!

Sorry for no "in progress" photos. I was so intent on getting it done I didn't think to take pictures. As you can see from the photo, decorating is in underway. My friends love it so much they have been showing it off to all their neighbors and it sounds like I will get to make at least one more!

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RYOBI Nation
RYOBI Nation

Fantastic work! You'll have more orders of this build in no time!

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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate
Categories: Crafts & Decor, Furniture

Materials Used:

  • 1x2 select pine

  • 1x4 select pine

  • 1x6 select pine

  • 1x3 select pine

  • paintable caulk

  • wood filler

  • wood glue

  • 1 1/4 18g finish nails

  • 2 inch 18g finish nails

  • 3 inch cabinet screws

  • 1 1/4 inch pocket hole screws

  • 3/4 inch plywood

also by MyMonte94

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