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Dining room remodel
  • Dining room remodel

Dining room remodel

My first interior carpentry project was gutting and remodeling our dining room in our 210 year old house.Since there is a chimney going up in the wall between the living and dining rooms I had to box in the chimney and build a matching column on which I put antique wall sconces.
In between the columns I built a recessed space with a bench which opens for storage. There are hidden lights behind arch above space and an antique mirror on back wall.
All lights are on dimmers. I also installed a hidden safe behind the sconce on the left hand side column.the sconce swings out on hidden hinges to reveal round safe door with knob in middle.I acquired the safe from an old house I worked in when the owners asked me to remove it. The cut out for the door is hidden by trim pieces!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Renovations

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