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Dining Room Buffet
  • Dining Room Buffet

Dining Room Buffet

Latest project was building a buffet out of a couple of cabinets and set of drawers. Neighbor was tossing some cabinets so I grabbed them. Wife decided maybe we should make something for the dining room, so I screwed the cabinets and drawers together, and used a closet door as a top. We'll paint it and either stain the top or put Formica or something over it, but here it is for now. Done with Ryobi One+ tools...Ryobi impact driver, three different Ryobi drills, Ryobi palm sander, Ryobi circular saw. Basically just drill pass-through holes through the side of the drawer set, countersink the holes, drill pilot holes through into the cabinets, then screw them together. Screwed through the bottom and back as well for stability. Easy fun thing to do with re-purposed cabinets. Something like this can be used in almost any room of the house...dining room, bedroom, living room, etc., for storage or whatever.

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Difficulty: Easy
Categories: Renovations, Furniture

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