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Cutting the grass!  (Something I never had to do.)
  • Cutting the grass!  (Something I never had to do.)

Cutting the grass! (Something I never had to do.)

I never had to worry about cutting my own yard. It was usually cut by my ex-husband, or we paid someone or it was cut by my current boyfriend.

My boyfriend lives in New Orleans and I am in Evergreen, Alabama. It was hard for him to be here weekly to cut the grass for me.

Because my boyfriend could not be here I am now cutting my yard. My boyfriend bought me the Cordless Electric 20" 48 volt Self Propelled lawn mower. I love this lawn mower. I have about a half an acre to cut. I can cut my entire yard when the power just starts to lag.

Because of money we had to wait until we could afford to get the Cordless 40 volt Trimmer/Edger. We just bought that item and it is as good as the Lawn Mower. Again, we love this Trimmer/Edger.

We are condisering buying the Edger attachment for the Trimmer. The Trimmer/Edger does a good job, but we believe that it would be easier with the Edger attachment.

I would recoment these tools to anyone wanting to chage from gas powered lawn equipment to a Green Friendly tool. This would include beginners and those who are more experienced with lawn tools.

My boyfriend loves this equipment.

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