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Children's Racecar
  • Children's Racecar

Children's Racecar

After my kids saw their Grandpa make a Billy Cart they asked me to do the same. Having little woodworking experience, I was a little anxious to say the least. But with a simple plan to follow, and friends giving me wood to up cycle I was set. My oldest son was a huge help sanding, and adding a screw or two. When I was done I added a push handle on the back to make it easier to push my boys around. Once we hit the streets we couldn't go far without being stopped, and usually asked "Did you build that?" To which I could proudly answer YES. So far I've had a few people approach me to build them one, the trouble is finding the time.

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RYOBI Nation
RYOBI Nation

They look absolutely thrilled! What a fun build!

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Difficulty: Easy

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