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Chicken Tunnels
  • Chicken Tunnels

Chicken Tunnels

As a relatively new owner of a backyard flock of chickens, I quickly realized I could not allow the hens to free-range in my yard because of the many predators in our neighborhood. I decided to build a series of modular chicken tunnels so that I could safely get the chickens from their coop to an enclosed chicken yard.

The chicken-tunnel project was very simple - a matter of cutting some 2X4 bases, screwing the boards together, and then attaching u-shaped hardware cloth to the 2X4s with poultry staples.

Although I had never used a power saw before (and was a little intimidated), I quickly discovered that my Roybi One+ circular saw made the job so much more pleasant than cutting wood with a hand saw. The saw was surprisingly lightweight to hold. Of course, I use my Roybi One+ driver/drill all the time for household projects of all description.

In the photo my friend Steve coaxes the chickens through the tunnels to their new yard.

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Chickens in the Yard

Chickens in the Yard

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Exterior Spaces

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