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Checker Board
  • Checker Board

Checker Board

I made a checker board using my Ryobi Router and Ryobi Drills. I first glued together douglas fir boards with a biscuit jointer then I made a jig for my Router to fit in. This made the router slide in a straight line to make the squares.
I then turned the circle over to make the 1/4" grove using a 1/4" straight bit on the router with the base guide.
This was to accept the 3 pieces of pine board that fit into the bottom of the pie.
I am disabled from a work accident and have Chronic Pain. I am a facilitator of a Chronic Pain Support Group and one of the things we talk about is to keep your mind on something you love to do.
Woodworking is something I always wanted to do more of and Ryobi Tools has made it posible with there great quality in there tools with a great price.
Thank you for letting me share my projects with you,Ernie.
PS. I could not put a picture on this e-mail is there an other way to send it?

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Difficulty: Easy
Categories: Crafts & Decor, Other

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