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Chair Swing
  • Chair Swing

Chair Swing

Our swing story starts out like this.....a long time ago, my step-father bought a gliding chair swing for my mother to use in their screen house in northern Wisconsin. They spent many afternoons gliding in that chair together while they mocked the mosquitoes outside that couldn't get in. It was a place to just sit, glide back and forth, and relax. One crisp November morning, my step-father passed away from a heart attack. My mother stayed in Wisconsin for awhile, but eventually decided to move to North Carolina to be closer to me, my husband and her 3 grandchildren. She brought the old rickety swing with her in the move. As beat up as it had gotten through the years, it still invited everyone around it to come and sit and glide for awhile. It had lasted almost 3 decades of swinging. When she arrived, she asked my husband if he could rebuild it. Without any instructions or blue prints, he set out to duplicate her swing. This picture shows his final result. I am so proud of the job he did! This swing will serve future generations as a place to just sit with a friend and glide for awhile.

My husband doesn't know that I am submitting this project. He didn't do this for a contest or a prize. He did it for my mom to enjoy - which proves what kind of man he is! I just thought it would make an unforgettable Father's Day for him to win.

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Something from the heart will trump the average flashy anything just looking for votes every time. Whether or not this man wins the contest matters very little as he obviously has a very caring family, which is what Dads really want.

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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces

Materials Used:

  • Drill

  • Table Saw

  • Radial Arm Saw

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