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it is so true what they say another mans trash is another mans treasure. about a month ago my neighbor had this little chair sitting outisde by the corner waiting for the trash man to pick it up. I being curious asked if I could have it not wanting to steal if it is was sitting there for another reason. I took it home and removed all the old rotting wood from it. Went to the hardware store bought all new wood planks stain and spray paint. over the weekend my 8yo step daughter and I turned this trash into a new cahir that iwll last use for many years

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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Furniture

Materials Used:

  • 4 8" 3x1 boards

  • cherry wood stain

  • spray paint

  • My ryobi Drill

  • miter saw

  • drimmel toom

also by stephenradford

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