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Carriage Light and Motion Sensor
Carriage Light and Motion Sensor
  • Carriage Light and Motion Sensor
  • Carriage Light and Motion Sensor

Carriage Light and Motion Sensor

My wife and I recently had a new home built and to save upgrade costs, we chose not to include exterior lights on either side of the garage door. My wife purchased two carriage lights ( picture 1) prior to moving in, and figuring installing them would be a good DIY project for someone like me that has prior electrical experience. I started by laying out the location for two electrical cut in boxes, using my Ryobi 18 V drill, I drilled a few pilot holes in the rock exterior. I then used my Ryobi 18 V speed saw with a 1/4-inch diamond bit and cut out the outline of the electrical box. I cut some 2X4 blocking with my Ryobi 18 V, 5-1/2 inch circular saw, and drilled out the wire chase through the block with my Ryobi 12-inch table top drill press. I installed the block with deck screws and drilled out the top plate to run the wiring to an accessible 4S box in the attic. For energy savings I decided to include a motion detector ( picture 2) for both lights. I drilled 3/4-inch hole through the fascia board and installed a 1/2-inch conduit, pull through and motion sensor. I ran the wiring to the 4S box and to a cut in switch in the garage and installed the carriage lights. This project turned out very nice and my wife is very pleased with the results. I am please with the power and versatility of my Ryobi tools and I look forward to purchasing more Ryobi tools in the future.

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Exterior Spaces

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