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Bookshelves and Entertainment Centre Built Ins
  • Bookshelves and Entertainment Centre Built Ins

Bookshelves and Entertainment Centre Built Ins

I demolished the previous entertainment center, salvaged most of the materials and built a new
book case and entertainment center in our family room for about $100.

I was able to build the new project for about $100 because I was able to construct the new bookshelves,
cabinet boxes, door fronts etc reusing the former bookshelves and cabinet materials!!!

We paid about $2,000 for the former bookshelves and entertainment center when it was professionally
built and installed by a cabinet company 15 years ago.

The only new materials were a sheet of bead board for the back and a few 1x2 poplar boards for shelf

I cut to size the cabinet boxes from the former cabinet boxes followed by dismantling the cabinet doors and
then rebuilt the new doors to size from 100% of the materials from the former door fronts. My new
Ryobi table saw was invaluable, the cuts were very tight and clean making the cabinet doors fit like
a glove. I was skeptical that a lower priced table saw could make such beautiful and precise cuts.

The previous bookshelf and cabinets were about 30" deep to accommodate an out dated 52" projection
TV. The new cabinets are only about 14" deep so we gained substantial new floor space in
our undersized family room.

I called in a favor from a professional painter friend who helped me finish (pun intended) the job.

My wife is thrilled!!!

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Kevin Greig

Kevin Greig

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