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Bathroom Basement Remodel
  • Bathroom Basement Remodel

Bathroom Basement Remodel

We live near a creek and in 2008 it flooded our yard and filled our basement with over 4 feet of water. The finished room down there had an attached bathroom and was our daughter's room. She had just moved out a month before, after her wedding, when the storm hit! We had to rip out all the walls and lost the closet and wooden vanity in the bathroom. The shower stall survived because it had cement board under the tile. We have so missed having this second bathroom and want to fix it up ourselves, although we have never done a project like this before. Since we have had a flood and know that another one is possible we want to make it as water proof as possible. We plan to use Cement board for all the walls. We would need a power drill and jigsaw to cut the cement board to go around the pipes. A pedestal sink would be the best option as it is somewhat water proof. Finding a door that could survive water is harder, metal would rust and wood would be damaged. I imagine this will be a many trips to the hardware store project but having the right tools would make all the difference!

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Mom in Need

Mom in Need

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Renovations

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