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Bathroom Tile
  • Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Tile

After talking to an associate at Home Depot I decided this small tile project was one I could tackle. This wouldn't have been possible though without all of the great RYOBI tools myself and a friend have at our disposal. I began with my RYOBI recip saw and a scraper blade to remove the old tile. After I had all of the old stuff removed I laid my backer board with the help of my new lithium ion RYOBI drill. I then laid out my tile, took my measurements and began cutting my tile with John's RYOBI tile saw. I soon realized my trim was going to have to be cut just a bit and luckily my fiancee had recently bought me the cool new Job Plus multi tool. This easily completed what would have been a difficult job with any other tool and allowed me the clearance to lay my tile, after grouting and some clean up it turned out great! Thanks RYOBI!



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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Renovations,

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