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  • Windmill


I used to piddle around with different projects a few years back, got a new table saw last Christmas 2013 and decided to build a few things for the yard.

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Big Jim
Big Jim

I would love have a windmill plans


No Plans, totally off the top of my head from back in 2001, me and a brother-in-law used to build anything for the yard from wishing wells, windmills, arch swings, assorted planter boxes to whatever anyone wanted.



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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Recreation,

Materials Used:

  • Pressure treated deck boards and 2x4's - 2in. screws 3 in. screws - 1 1/2 in. Finish Nail Gun to help hold

  • Table Saw - Sawzall - Drill

  • also by HalfBreed

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