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Gift-wrap and fluffy bows just don’t cut it if you are planning on gifting a Ryobi Power Tool. Opening your present with a crowbar or a Ryobi Cordless Power Drill? Now that’s more like it.

Not only is opening a crate a fantastic experience, these sturdy crates can be repurposed into exciting new possibilities (Check out some of our ideas at Crates and Pallet after the holidays).

This easy to construct crate is the showstopper you need, especially if your gift is the Ryobi ONE+ 18V 6PC Ultimate Combo. (But you can make your crate whatever size you need)

Please note.
All measurements for this crate were based off fitting the Ryobi ONE+ 18V 6PC Ultimate Combo. This box is 19-3/4”x15”x9”. We gave ourselves 2” extra on the long side and 1” on the short side and top to make sure we could get the box out.

Ryobi Box Size: 19-3/4” x 15” x 9”
Crate Interior: 22” x 16” x 10-1/2”
Crate Exterior: 23-1/2” x 17-1/2” x 12”

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  1. Project Steps

    1. Step: 1

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      (a) Cut and rip your pieces. For the sides you will need (8) 23-1/2”, (8) 16” pieces. For the base you will need (14) 16” pieces. (b) Because the base is 22” on the interior you will need to rip one of your 1”x4” boards.

    2. Step: 2

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      Nail together the sides. Using your Ryobi Brad Nailer, attach together the sides, remembering to put the short sides on the inside.

    3. Step: 3

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      Complete your frame. With the Ryobi Brad Nailer, attach the final sides together.

    4. Step: 4

      Large 766328b8 1cef 470b ac7c e1426359d8dc

      Stack your box. Place the four frames on top of each other.

    5. Step: 5

      Large 92874b54 67b1 4c12 b261 335897918b37

      Cut your support frame. We used (2) 25”x1.5”, (4) 12”x1.5”, and (2) 11”x1.5” reclaimed lumber as an accent for our crate.

    6. Step: 6

      Large 42d6dc1a 0007 4ba0 bf6d 1f153186a946

      Frame your crate. After making sure your sides are aligned, use one of the 12” reclaimed boards to attach the four layers together.

    7. Step: 7

      Large 2e7820ac b992 4d66 abd6 aba09cdedadd

      Add the bottom. Now that the box is sturdy, attach the (7) 16” boards. This will also make your crate much stronger.

    8. Step: 8

      Large d59abd94 0c1f 426b adb9 15ed130605a6

      Build your top. Line up the (7) 16” boards and make sure they are slightly smaller than your interior box dimension. Lay the 25”x1.5” cross supports on top and attach them with your Ryobi Brad Nailer.

    9. Step: 9

      Large 0606e4c1 f1b1 4ea1 a6a8 5cc4d2cd2507

      Attach the handles. Attach the (2) 11”x1.5” handles on the two sides.

    10. Step: 10

      Large 983c8484 404e 40e9 a168 716f6e9e4784

      Put your gift in your new crate and let the anticipation build! After being used as a gift box, the crate can be repurposed as a storage container. Add personality by staining the wood or painting it. For more DIY project ideas from Crates & Pallet, visit

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