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2-faced tiki
  • 2-faced tiki

2-faced tiki

My neighbor wanted a tike statue, but couldn't afford one, so I learned to make them. This is my tiki statue. He has a face on both sides and was carved with my Ryobi tools. Since I don’t own a chainsaw, I used every Ryobi tool I own, plus some I borrowed from the neighbor. The log was cut to length with the circular saw and reciprocating saw, and then most work was done with the reciprocating saw, grinder, rotary tool, and router (my favorite is and will always be the reciprocating saw).
I drew a design on paper before starting, and it evolved as I carved. He started out with just one face, but I was having so much fun carving him that friends talked me into putting a face on the other side. As I was cutting out the mouth with the reciprocating saw, I ran into a piece of metal that turned out to be a bullet that lodged into the palm tree at some time in the past. The spot that I chose to cut the mouth out was just barely in the path of the bullet, one inch higher and it wouldn’t have been visible, one inch lower and it would have been inside a chunk of wood forever unseen. As it happened though, the path of the bullet is visible from the side of the tiki and through the mouth to its final resting spot. Time to get the drill back out……..I just had to keep the bullet with my tiki as a necklace! I use our Ryobi tools on a daily basis for other tasks, but I enjoy carving tikis with them the most and I never would have learned to carve without my Ryobi tools!

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This is cool!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor

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