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The V8 Roadster
  • The V8 Roadster

The V8 Roadster

The V8 roadster is a complete car I engineered, designed, and built myself. I have had many years expeience in the auto business, in designand engineering, and I decided to build a car for myself. The chassis uses a few GM parts, but most of it is designed and fabricated in my shop. The body is fiberglass. I created a full-size plaster model, using plywood sections and reinforcements, to create the surface. A fiberglass mold was made from the plaster model.

I have fabricated all the internal body parts, such as door inner reinforcemnts, built hte hinges and installed latches.

Completion is scheduled for April 2012.

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I´m wondering how the finished project turned out.

Bob Elton

Bob Elton

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Other, Recreation

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