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Turning old fallen branches into useable furniture is always fun to do! Someday I would love to build a log cabin.

Take the time to properly and thoroughly sand everything. Your rear depends upon it! LOL. Although the wood is still in its natural state, you should prime and seal below the green field.

Do not attempt this if you are not good at math, as the calculating and measuring for painting the grid will absolutely drive you crazy! I STRONGLY suggest you pencil in your entire grid first before you put a drop of paint to it so that you can make any required adjustments and corrections. Take your time doing it and make sure the seat and back line up. Invest in some good reusable stencils for your numbers.

I wanted to also add cut and halved footballs as padded arm rests, but wife would not let me near her sewing room. She claims I make a mess of things (I'm not admitting anything mind you, but maybe she's right). But I still think that would make a nice added touch to it.

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