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Restoration of an old friend
  • Restoration of an old friend

Restoration of an old friend

Most people submit photos of their excellent creations to this contest. I haven't had the opportunity to build anything fun since Superstorm Sandy destroyed my house, possessions and nearly my spirit to build. Feeling like I was planning ahead, I put all my tools on high shelves, before the storm. Little did I know, the brute force of the storm surge pulled down the shelves and with it my entire set of Ryobi cordless tools. In order to rebuild my house, I went to Home Depot and purchased a new set of Lithium One+ tools. Like the old ones, these tools have been getting a major workout from demolition to framing, tackling every possible job I’ve thrown at them. However, my MOST valuable tool was my 18v drill, purchased back in 2002. I had driven 1,000’s of screws and bored countless holes with this powerhouse. The things we built and repaired together is a story in itself. Seeing it in a flood of salt water and debris, I was really feeling the loss. This weekend, while stuck inside from the blizzard, I decided to take apart my damaged drill before I threw in the trash. Inside the case I found solid components that stood up to everything Mother Nature threw at it. In about 2 hours I had cleaned and rebuilt my beast so it was better, stronger and faster than it had ever been. I guess the lithium battery gave it the feel of extra horsepower. The photo doesn't do it justice. Hearing the whir and feeling the surge of the powerful motor coming back to life is indescribable. So while this submission is not a great cabinet or rocking horse, it is what I’m sure many of you can relate to…the restoration of an old friend.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Other, Renovations

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