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  1. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Master Closet
    Amazing transformation - and fun video to watch too! Thanks for sharing!
    By _Stephanie_
  2. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Rustic Star Flag
    Fezz - I love this one! Thanks for sharing the steps too.
    By _Stephanie_
  3. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Under Basement Stairs Cabinets
    Brilliant use of space! The design is gorgeous too. Lucky you! 
    By _Stephanie_
  4. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Slingshots teen center Box Joint Benches
    Way to go, Slingshots! Looks great!
    By _Stephanie_
  5. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Boat Restoration
    Sweet! Nice restoration!
    By _Stephanie_
  6. Comment: about 1 year ago
    Wall Remodeling
    This entry and finished room are gorgeous! Great work - and beautiful styling!
    By _Stephanie_
  7. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Mid century desk
    Great looking desk! I'm sure he is very proud and loves it.
    By _Stephanie_
  8. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Matching Beds
    Oh my gosh, I love this so much! Adorable dog, plus the mini version of your bed is the great! I've just convinced my dog that he can sleep in his own bed. Maybe I'll made one too! Thank you for sharing!
    By _Stephanie_
  9. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Oak longboard
    Go Tigers!
    By _Stephanie_
  10. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Basement refinish
    Looks great, @Galicia2 ! You always go big!
    By _Stephanie_
  11. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Shabby Chic Fairy House
    Wow! I wish I had some of Emma Grace's talent for design and style! I LOVE the bed - that headboard is so fun. Great details all the way around! What's Emma Grace going to design next @BernieD? She's lucky to have a Dad to encourage her creativity! 
    By _Stephanie_
  12. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Built In Shelves & Cabinets
    Great staging of the shelves too! You do great work, Paul!
    By _Stephanie_
  13. Comment: over 1 year ago
    MySavingsGrace DIY Projects
    Great job @razorblade001! I built similar shelves after seeing the Dream Workshop plans. It's funny how excited we get about shelving, but they truly are the best. Enjoy!
    By _Stephanie_
  14. Comment: over 1 year ago
    LEGO Minifigure Display and Organizer
    This is genius, @Davebreeze!
    By _Stephanie_
  15. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Bar section at pool house
    Wow - awesome job! Looks like a very fun place to hang out. 
    By _Stephanie_
  16. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Potting Bench Mother Day gift!
    I love it! What a special gift.
    By _Stephanie_
  17. Comment Reply: over 1 year ago
    Deck : _Stephanie_
    Noted, @BRIMMERMJ ! We will work on an easier way to add a photo to your posted project. You currently have to edit it back in draft mode to update the post. Thanks for the suggestion! Can't wait to see the finish! 
  18. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Dog Crate
    Awesome, Jon! This is such a beautiful build - great idea! Thank you for sharing! 
    By _Stephanie_
  19. Comment: over 1 year ago
    DIY Farmhouse Headboard
    Good to know! I need to make one for my son's new bedroom, so I'm happy to hear it was pretty easy and quick. Great job!
    By _Stephanie_
  20. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Laundry Organizer
    That is awesome! I would have never known it was laundry. I totally need to build a few of these for my family! Great job!

    By _Stephanie_
  21. Comment: over 1 year ago
    It looks perfect! Great job!
    By _Stephanie_
  22. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Planter with trelly
    What a great pallet project! Love the photos and the potting bench too. Cheers to a productive spring and summer! 
    By _Stephanie_
  23. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Brewery Taproom tables
    Awesome job! They really add some cool craftsmanship in the space. 
    By _Stephanie_
  24. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Oh, wow! That looks great, Bob!
    By _Stephanie_
  25. Comment Reply: over 1 year ago
    Rustic Coffee Table : _Stephanie_
    That is awesome! 
  26. Comment Reply: over 1 year ago
    Outdoor bench : _Stephanie_
    Yes it is, and super sturdy too. Thanks for sharing!
  27. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Cordless Power Tool Storage Shelf
    Very clean and versatile!  You could do this in a smaller size for interior decor and storage. Looks great!
    By _Stephanie_
  28. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Love it! I'm surprised you used a recip. saw to cut the curves and not a jig saw. Nice work!  The S2C plan can be found here, if you want to compare notes, for when everyone starts asking you to make one for them. :-) It really looks great! 
    By _Stephanie_
  29. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Rustic table
    That looks great @Ddangler - I like how you cut your tops/benchtops out of the big sheet of slats. Very cool - turned out awesome!
    By _Stephanie_
  30. Comment: over 1 year ago
    Murphy Worktable (Tom Bury Design)
    That is so awesome @kenric_lopez ! I'm so glad the Dream Workshop plan was perfect for your shop. Thanks for posting the video walking us through the features! Great job!
    By _Stephanie_

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