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  1. Comment: 4 months ago
    X-Leg Herringbone Table(s)
    Great job. Looks awesome.
    By Siclestix
  2. Comment Reply: 4 months ago
    Clamp rack. : Siclestix
    Thank you. It really is a neat deal and so simple to build. Cost was absolute zero...
  3. Comment: 4 months ago
    Epoxy picture
    Very cool...
    By Siclestix
  4. Comment: 4 months ago
    Farmhouse Dinner Table
    Nice job.
    By Siclestix
  5. Comment: 4 months ago
    King Farmhouse Bed
    Beautiful work.
    By Siclestix
  6. Comment: 4 months ago
    Hellsing 454 Casull and display case
    This is awesome, great job....
    By Siclestix
  7. Comment: 4 months ago
    Wooden Tray
    Nice job.
    By Siclestix
  8. Comment Reply: 4 months ago
    #RyobiNation 100% Cordless - Front Deck : Siclestix
    I couldn't agree more, sometimes there just isn't enough hours in the day....
  9. Comment: 4 months ago
    Kitchen installation
    Beautiful kitchen.
    By Siclestix
  10. Comment: 4 months ago
    Toy Box
    Nice job, I need to build one of these for my grand daughter when she visits.
    By Siclestix
  11. Comment: 4 months ago
    Farmhouse Table and Bench
    Nice job, looks awesome.
    By Siclestix
  12. Comment: 4 months ago
    Great job, looks awesome.
    By Siclestix
  13. Comment: 4 months ago
    Donkey water hose holder and cut-out
    Very cool, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  14. Cancel

    • Great solution for clamp storage! Did you repurpose parts of something else or build this from scratch? Thanks for sharing!
      By RYOBI Nation, on November 14, 2018

    • The scrap wood is from a set of old TV Trays I took apart a while back and decided to take advantage of both worlds. I lowered the scrap wood pile and the clamps aren't just sitting on the floor in the way. Worked out perfectly...
      By Siclestix, on November 14, 2018
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  15. Comment: 4 months ago
    Small table from pallet wood
    Great looking table Harris, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  16. Comment: 4 months ago
    Chunky Fireplace Mantel
    Great work, looks beautiful....
    By Siclestix
  17. Comment Reply: 4 months ago
    1931 Model A : Siclestix
    Thank you very much.
  18. Comment: 4 months ago
    Shiplap Wall
    Nice job, looks great...
    By Siclestix
  19. Comment: 4 months ago
    Hat Rack
    Nice job, looks great...
    By Siclestix
  20. Comment: 4 months ago
    Walnut live edge table
    Beautiful table...
    By Siclestix
  21. Comment: 4 months ago
    Bedroom bench
    Nice work. 
    By Siclestix
  22. Comment: 4 months ago
    Queen Headboard
    Nice work, looks great...
    By Siclestix
  23. Comment: 4 months ago
    Wall Hanging
    Very cool, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  24. Comment: 5 months ago
    Farmhouse table
    Great job, looks awesome.
    By Siclestix
  25. Comment: 5 months ago
    Coffee Mug Tree
    Nice work....
    By Siclestix
  26. Comment: 5 months ago
    Airplane Shelf
    That's awesome, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  27. Comment: 5 months ago
    Succulent planter
    Nice work....
    By Siclestix
  28. Comment: 5 months ago
    Kitchen Table
    Beautiful set, great work....
    By Siclestix
  29. Comment: 5 months ago
    Glass Door Cabinet
    Very impressive, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  30. Comment: 5 months ago
    Refinishing a Wooden Oak Chest
    That is beautiful, thanks for sharing.....
    By Siclestix
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