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    • Of course we love a great Jeep project! Amazing details! Thanks, @Siclestix!

      By RYOBI Nation, on January 15, 2019
      • Thank you. It was a fun one but didn't waste no time on it so there are mistakes but not to concerned about it on this one. I always have 2 or 3 projects going on at once so I can usually have one finish a few days apart.
        By Siclestix, on January 15, 2019

    • This is some AWESOME workmanship.
      By JohnCassell, on January 17, 2019
      • Thanks John. A bit tough but not terrible. Several mistakes but It was a hurry up project while waiting for more important ones to dry in the glue presses.
        By Siclestix, on January 17, 2019

    • Very nice work
      By TropicalEagle, on January 18, 2019
      • Thank you, I really love this working with sticks.
        By Siclestix, on January 23, 2019
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  1. Comment Reply: 6 months ago
    Guitar. : Siclestix
    Thank you, I really appreciate your comments.
  2. Comment Reply: 6 months ago
    Guitar. : Siclestix
    Thank you Klomp. I have built several parts guitars and only two popsicle stick guitars and as of right now I have 17. This newest popsicle stick guitar is by far the best sounding and playing guitar I own. I love it.
  3. Comment: 6 months ago
    Pop's Tools
    When my father was still alive he use to build all kinds of plant stands, shelves and stuff like that and he loved to do the wood burning style. Brings back a ton of memories. Nice job....
    By Siclestix
  4. Comment: 6 months ago
    Picture frame
    Love the rustic look, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  5. Comment: 6 months ago
    The Western collection
    Awesome work..
    By Siclestix
  6. Comment: 6 months ago
    Compressor caddy
    This is cool, great idea.
    By Siclestix
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    • Love the guitar it’s beautiful
      By Klomp16729, on January 11, 2019
      • Thank you Klomp. I have built several parts guitars and only two popsicle stick guitars and as of right now I have 17. This newest popsicle stick guitar is by far the best sounding and playing guitar I own. I love it.
        By Siclestix, on January 11, 2019 (edited)
      • Well it looks amazing and you have definitely got talent with popsicle sticks lol
        By Klomp16729, on January 11, 2019
      • Thank you, I really appreciate your comments.
        By Siclestix, on January 12, 2019
      • I'm retired so I would go crazy if I just sat around in my chair all day long and wasted life away. I am in my shop from sun up to sun down but I love every second of it...
        By Siclestix, on January 13, 2019

    • Awesome job.  I can't even imagine the glue time.  This is amazing. 
      By Robzbrz1992, on January 13, 2019
      • Thank you Rob. It definitely is a long drawn out process because there is so many sets I have to glue up.
        By Siclestix, on January 13, 2019

    • Excellent!  I really love it.  Great inspiration to start an electric guitar build.  Thanks for submitting it.
      By cvfraser, on January 15, 2019
      • My pleasure cvfraser and I am glad you enjoy it. Makes me want to start another one. NO WAIT, I did.... lol
        By Siclestix, on January 15, 2019

    • Just when we think we have seen it all, @Siclestix, you post a 2,400 stick guitar! We couldn't have imagined. Thank you so much for sharing your fun and super creative projects with us. You're top notch!
      By RYOBI Nation, on January 15, 2019
      • Wow, what a awesome compliment, thank you very much. It is my pleasure to show my work here on Ryobi Nation. I love searching and seeing all the projects from every body here.
        By Siclestix, on January 16, 2019

    • I have been scrolling through projects for the last couple of days. All of your guitars are amazingly beautiful!
      And every time I eat a popsicle, I will think about your guitars!
      By Anymouse, on June 26, 2019
      • I really appreciate that, thank you for the kind words. I have one I am building right now that is going to take a month or two but with any luck it will be my best one. I will definitely post it when its finished.
        By Siclestix, on June 26, 2019
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  8. Comment: 6 months ago
    Landscape bridge
    Very cool..
    By Siclestix
  9. Comment: 6 months ago
    Under counter shelves
    Good job, I need these in my shop.
    By Siclestix
  10. Comment: 6 months ago
    Fireplace Remodel
    Beautiful job..
    By Siclestix
  11. Comment: 6 months ago
    plank wall
    Nice job Laura...
    By Siclestix
  12. Comment: 6 months ago
    Garden Bench
    This is awesome, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  13. Comment: 6 months ago
    Longhorn Address Plaque
    Beautiful work.
    By Siclestix
  14. Comment: 6 months ago
    small laptop table
    Nice job.
    By Siclestix
  15. Comment: 6 months ago
    Garage Makeover
    This is awesome, great job..
    By Siclestix
  16. Comment: 6 months ago
    Bottle Opener
    Very cool.
    By Siclestix
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    • Oh wow! The details are so fun! What inspired you to build this one?
      By RYOBI Nation, on January 20, 2019

    • Thank you, basically I am running out of ideas and the wife suggested this. I'm glad she did, it was fun to build.
      By Siclestix, on January 20, 2019
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  18. Comment: 6 months ago
    Spray Can / Caulk Storage
    I seriously need to build this, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  19. Comment: 6 months ago
    Dino toy Trundle
    Great job, looks awesome and I bet the kids love it.
    By Siclestix
  20. Comment: 6 months ago
    Pallet Wood Medieval Sheild
    Looks like a fun project..
    By Siclestix
  21. Comment: 6 months ago
    Turned pens
    Man these are awesome, great job. I have been wanting to try some myself...
    By Siclestix
  22. Comment: 6 months ago
    Flag for the Boss Man
    Awesome flags. Great job on all of them...
    By Siclestix
  23. Comment: 6 months ago
    Dog food bowl
    I'm sure the dog is saying YESSSSS..
    By Siclestix
  24. Comment: 6 months ago
    Family Hands
    Cool gift idea...
    By Siclestix
  25. Comment: 6 months ago
    Wine tote
    Nice job...
    By Siclestix
  26. Comment Reply: 6 months ago
    Lap Steel Guitar : Siclestix
     Thank you very much cvfraser. I have a couple more almost finished.
  27. Comment Reply: 6 months ago
    Semi tractor. : Siclestix
    Thank you, I really appreciate it...
  28. Comment Reply: 6 months ago
    Chess set. : Siclestix
    Thank you Rob, I really appreciate it.. I have a cool one on the work bench as we speak....
  29. Comment: 6 months ago
    USA Flag with Air Force Logo
    Beautiful, nice job..
    By Siclestix
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