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  1. Comment: 11 days ago
    small laptop table
    Nice job.
    By Siclestix
  2. Comment: 13 days ago
    Garage Makeover
    This is awesome, great job..
    By Siclestix
  3. Comment: 15 days ago
    Bottle Opener
    Very cool.
    By Siclestix
  4. Comment: 16 days ago
    Spray Can / Caulk Storage
    I seriously need to build this, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  5. Comment: 16 days ago
    Dino toy Trundle
    Great job, looks awesome and I bet the kids love it.
    By Siclestix
  6. Comment: 16 days ago
    Pallet Wood Medieval Sheild
    Looks like a fun project..
    By Siclestix
  7. Comment: 16 days ago
    Turned pens
    Man these are awesome, great job. I have been wanting to try some myself...
    By Siclestix
  8. Comment: 16 days ago
    Flag for the Boss Man
    Awesome flags. Great job on all of them...
    By Siclestix
  9. Comment: 16 days ago
    Dog food bowl
    I'm sure the dog is saying YESSSSS..
    By Siclestix
  10. Comment: 16 days ago
    Family Hands
    Cool gift idea...
    By Siclestix
  11. Comment: 16 days ago
    Wine tote
    Nice job...
    By Siclestix
  12. Comment Reply: 16 days ago
    Lap Steel Guitar : Siclestix
     Thank you very much cvfraser. I have a couple more almost finished.
  13. Comment Reply: 16 days ago
    Semi tractor. : Siclestix
    Thank you, I really appreciate it...
  14. Comment Reply: 21 days ago
    Chess set. : Siclestix
    Thank you Rob, I really appreciate it.. I have a cool one on the work bench as we speak....
  15. Comment: 21 days ago
    USA Flag with Air Force Logo
    Beautiful, nice job..
    By Siclestix
  16. Comment: 21 days ago
    Candy Dispenser
    My grand kids would love this, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  17. Comment: 21 days ago
    Garden tool Box
    Great job..
    By Siclestix
  18. Comment: 21 days ago
    Ancient Dice Box
    Beautiful work, this is really nice....
    By Siclestix
  19. Comment: 23 days ago
    Farmhouse table
    Great job, looks awesome...
    By Siclestix
  20. Comment: 23 days ago
    Shabby Chic Headboard
    Love the rustic look, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  21. Comment: 23 days ago
    Cedar Green Egg table
    Great job...
    By Siclestix
  22. Comment: 23 days ago
    Lathe Stand
    Great looking Stand Chief, nice job...
    By Siclestix
  23. Comment: 23 days ago
    Bar B Q
    By Siclestix
  24. Comment: 23 days ago
    Mechanical Retirement
    Beautiful work..
    By Siclestix
  25. Comment: 23 days ago
    Lap Steel Guitar
    Thank you. I guess I just see something in my mind and grab it before I forget about it lol....
    By Siclestix
  26. Comment: 23 days ago
    This is beautiful, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  27. Comment: 23 days ago
    Beer totes
    Fun project, nice job.
    By Siclestix
  28. Comment: 23 days ago
    Bohemian Jewelry Organizer
    Good job, I like it...
    By Siclestix
  29. Comment: 23 days ago
    Chess set.
    I actually learned how to do this when I was in Shop in high school. It is very simple to do but can be difficult to line up the strips of wood. I cut strips about 10 inches long and glued them in a dark light pattern and then cut them in strips again in the opposite direction then shifted them one block every other strip. It saves trying to glue each and every block together in which I believe would be a nightmare....
    By Siclestix
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