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    • "Coming along nicely" is an understatement! It's hard to believe this is the same space; what a perfect combination of storage and working space. Great work!
      By RYOBI Nation, on June 21, 2016
      • Thanks :) I'm doing my best and getting what I want out of the work. I have a little more work to do but it's been enjoyable. My immediate next step is cubbies on top of my workbench to house all my Ryobi One+ Tools...which I love! I MIGHT even do it this weekend so, I might have an update soon!
        By seichhorn, on June 21, 2016
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    • Great build! Very efficient use of space.
      By RYOBI NATION, on November 14, 2017

    • Nice work, I really like the compact and versatile design.
      By grover959, on November 17, 2017
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    • Very resourceful AND functional!
      By SA1STHOME, on February 11, 2018
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    • Great job making a piece that is functional and that also has a lot of storage!
      By RYOBI NATION, on January 30, 2018

    • Looks great, nice work.
      By grover959, on February 11, 2018
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    • We think it looks great even without a stain!
      By RYOBI NATION, on January 30, 2018
      • I'm planning on building my own furniture for an off-grid cabin in the not-too-distant future so I'm testing my skills.
        By seichhorn, on February 1, 2018

    • What kind of wood did you use for the top? How did you get edges to be so tight or did you fill in cracks with something?
      By Klstein6, on February 9, 2018
      • I'm in Alaska and I talked to a local lumber mill where I got Alaska Spruce. I have 36 inch wood clamps to hold the wood together while I kreg'd it together then I routed the edges with my ONE+ router and a roundover bit.
        By seichhorn, on March 5, 2018
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    • We think this is so cool! We have never seen anything quite like this. Unique!
      By RYOBI NATION, on March 2, 2018
      • Made it for and with a friend that just got his first house and doesn't have a lot of his own tools. If I win this month's competition, I am going to get him his own set of Ryobi tools...plus maybe one tool for me...
        By seichhorn, on March 28, 2018
      • That's so nice of you to help a friend out! Ryobi tools make the best gifts...for a friend or yourself!
        By RYOBI NATION, on March 29, 2018
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    • Really nice setup and organization! Looks like you have quite a few RYOBI tools! Which is your most used?
      By RYOBI NATION, on March 7, 2018
      • Most used would probably be the Drill and Impact driver, not sure which is the most used out of those two. After that, I'd go with Jigsaw, Circularsaw, Brad Nailer and Sander...those are my most used.
        By seichhorn, on March 9, 2018
      • Nice! We are glad to have you as part of RYOBI Nation! Keep building!
        By RYOBI NATION, on March 12, 2018
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    • Nice job on this! Does your friend plan to paint or stain? We would love to see a picture of it in it's final location! 
      By RYOBI NATION, on April 20, 2018

    • She's currently unsure whether to finish or not. I'll see if I can get an "in place" picture sometime. Thanks!
      By seichhorn, on April 20, 2018
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    • Looks great and well organized. Really digging your shields / wall art.
      By grover959, on May 1, 2018
      • Thanks! I had fun organizing and the shields help keep my work area/man cave grounded!
        By seichhorn, on May 1, 2018

    • Awesome garage, did you make your shields?

      By TARZANTHEJEDI, on May 1, 2018
      • Got the round shields on ebay and the middle one at amazon.
        By seichhorn, on May 1, 2018

    • Very nice - also love the 'manual' tool holders.
      By tlgill, on May 1, 2018
      • Drawers are a tool's graveyard...i like seeing all I have. That way I don't overlook a great tool because I can't see it.
        By seichhorn, on May 1, 2018

    • love it!!! could you build one in my garage?LOL
      By Ryoboy2004, on May 1, 2018
      • Depends on plane prices from Alaska to your home state...I can help you draw up plans and you can do it yourself...teach a man to fish and all...
        By seichhorn, on May 1, 2018

    • What a tool collection! #goals
      By kyleepete, on May 1, 2018
      • Took time and a few disappointed looks from the wife for spending a little more than I was supposed to at Home Depot that day...but worth it when I look at my bench.
        By seichhorn, on June 1, 2018

    • this is awesome!!
      By Sarah_Smiles, on May 1, 2018
      • Glad you like it! I enjoyed making it!
        By seichhorn, on June 1, 2018

    • Such a nice lineup you have! Which RYOBI tool is your favorite? (If you can choose, we know that's a hard choice!)
      By RYOBI NATION, on May 1, 2018
      • I've been contemplating that and I think the favorite is going to be my brad nailer, a good second is probably my jig saw...but it's also kind of like you're asking me which child I like the most...
        By seichhorn, on May 1, 2018
      • We totally understand that! Those are both solid choices though!
        By RYOBI NATION, on May 1, 2018

    • Nice work on custom fitting each of the tools. You have inspired me to do a similar project and I think I will use French cleats for each tool mount. I figure this will provide an easier way to get the most efficient use of tools and space. Thanks for sharing your project, it looks great! 
      By Peter Norkawich , on May 18, 2018
      • Thanks! I considered french cleats but already had the pegboard for the backer and it gave me a grid to mount my hangers to. I think mine worked rather nicely while saving me money by using the less-expensive pegboard over plywood.
        By seichhorn, on June 1, 2018

    • I love your tool collection! And that includes the shields. #Jealous 
      By coybeast, on May 21, 2018
      • Thanks! If you didn't already know, my favorite superhero is the Hulk...because of the green...just kidding, Hulk's behind a few others Captain America, Starlord and Thor...but that's an individual preference...
        By seichhorn, on June 1, 2018
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    • Way to step up your family game nights! Looks awesome.
      By RYOBI Nation, on October 1, 2018
      • Thanks! We enjoy it.
        By seichhorn, on October 16, 2018
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    • Good job, I need these in my shop.
      By Siclestix, on January 8, 2019

    • Wow, what a great use of space! Nice teamwork!
      By RYOBI Nation, on January 16, 2019
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    • Amazing work! Looks like you have some great little helpers.
      By RYOBI Nation, on September 5, 2019
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    • Beautifully done! We know this will be a focal piece at their wedding. Great job!
      By RYOBI Nation, on October 24, 2019
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    • Beautifully done! Great job on these nightstands!
      By RYOBI Nation, on September 5, 2019
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