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We are a crew of DIY enthusiasts, RYOBI Power Tool gurus and the creative spirit behind all things RYOBI Nation.


  1. Comment: 6 days ago
    Key holder
    Love how there's even a place for your wallet! Every entryway needs one of these. Great job!
    By RYOBI Nation
  2. Comment: 6 days ago
    Finishing Table
    What a great way to stay organized! The craft paper holder is very handy, nice work! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  3. Comment Reply: 7 days ago
    Coffee Table (Beach House) : RYOBI Nation
    Sounds awesome! Looking forward to seeing the finished products! 
  4. Comment Reply: 7 days ago
    Rustic Stove Topper : RYOBI Nation
    Smart thinking! We like the look, too! 
  5. Comment Reply: 7 days ago
    Dominoes! : RYOBI Nation
    Awesome, thanks for sharing! We can see why they're so popular!
  6. Comment: 7 days ago
    Pallet Christmas Tree
    Very festive! Looks like you're all ready for the holidays! Do you plan to add any color or decorations to this tree, or keep the rustic wood look? Either way, we love it. 
    By RYOBI Nation
  7. Comment: 7 days ago
    Decorative Star
    Awesome job! How big is it? Looks like it'd be beautiful on a front door! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  8. Comment: 7 days ago
    Decorative Sled
    So festive! Nicely done!
    By RYOBI Nation
  9. Comment: 7 days ago
    Christmas Countdown
    We love a Christmas countdown! Great job with this one, and on the hand lettering as well! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  10. Comment: 7 days ago
    Writing Desk
    Great job! Looks like this will be the perfect spot to get some work done!
    By RYOBI Nation
  11. Comment: 7 days ago
    Rustic Media Console
    Ooh very nice! What steps did you take to achieve the rustic finish? Looks great! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  12. Comment: 7 days ago
    Farmhouse End Table
    We love Shanty 2 Chic's designs, and you've nailed this one! One of the best parts about building your own furniture is that you can make each piece custom to fit your specific needs. This project turned out amazing, great job! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  13. Comment: 7 days ago
    Home Sick
    These are awesome and meaningful gifts! Very impressive detail work, nicely done! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  14. Comment: 7 days ago
    The Sunshine State
    The perfect way to show pride for your state! Love how each piece is unique, great work! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  15. Comment: 7 days ago
    Rustic End Table
    Great way to turn recycled wood into a beauty! Thanks for sharing, @Robzbrz1992!
    By RYOBI Nation
  16. Comment: 7 days ago
    Rustic Stove Topper
    Nicely done! How did you attach the letters to the pallet wood? Great job!
    By RYOBI Nation
  17. Comment: 7 days ago
    Rustic Succulent Box
    Simplistic and beautiful! Looks like a gift for Grandma? She's going to love it! You've achieved a nice rustic look with the distressed wood and twine, too.
    By RYOBI Nation
  18. Comment: 7 days ago
    So fun! We know they will have a blast playing with these. How big is each domino? This is a great idea, especially for tailgating or summer yard games. 
    By RYOBI Nation
  19. Comment: 7 days ago
    Beautiful job! We know she will love them! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  20. Comment: 7 days ago
    Kitchen Island
    This kitchen island is a win! Great detail work on the cabinet doors. Your wife is a lucky lady!
    By RYOBI Nation
  21. Comment: 7 days ago
    How creative! These would make great gifts, too! What material did you use for the carrot nose? Awesome job. 
    By RYOBI Nation
  22. Comment: 7 days ago
    Snowman Door or Wall Hanger
    Frosty looks fantastic! How did you achieve the snow-like texture? Great job!
    By RYOBI Nation
  23. Comment: 7 days ago
    Coffee Table (Beach House)
    Looks great, we know they love it! What's your next project?  Can't wait to see more! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  24. Comment: 7 days ago
    My First Ornament
    Start their love of tools early ;) This is such an awesome idea, and something they will cherish forever as a gift from their Dad. Looks like your planning and attention to detail paid off. You nailed these! (pun intended)
    By RYOBI Nation
  25. Comment: 7 days ago
    Pallet wood coffee table
    Awesome new coffee table! The design looks great, and the dark border goes perfectly with the hairpin legs. Job well done! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  26. Comment: 7 days ago
    Vacuum cleaner attachments holder
    Genius idea! This is the perfect way to keep your attachments organized and ready to go. Nicely done, we know your wife loves it!
    By RYOBI Nation
  27. Comment: 7 days ago
    Wall planter
    Great job on this wall planter, @Mjc293! Looks amazing.
    By RYOBI Nation
  28. Comment: 7 days ago
    Wood planter
    Awesome design! Very cool how they can be separated into 3 or placed together as a unit. Nicely done! 
    By RYOBI Nation
  29. Comment: 10 days ago
    A labor of love
    Wow, this is incredible!! What an amazing testament to the grand feats we can accomplish for the ones we love. We can only imagine the hard work and perseverance it took to complete this project from the ground up. We are so sorry your loss, and we will be keeping your sister-in-law in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing her health and healing, and hope she is enjoying the holiday season on her brand new deck!
    By RYOBI Nation
  30. Comment: 10 days ago
    Airplant home decor
    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing, @Mjc293!
    By RYOBI Nation
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