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random dave

Member Since: 03/2018

Project Likes: 23


    • Such a cool idea, and the shadow box can be used for years to come! Very special.
      By RYOBI NATION, on March 27, 2018

    • Thank you! He joins the Marines in June, and as he was packing up various stuff this became a project to make rather than giving them away. Hopefully he will use it to store his medals and ribbons in when he retires!
      By random dave, on March 31, 2018
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    • Really cool! Where did you come up with this idea?
      By RYOBI NATION, on April 2, 2018
      • Well, I've made bottle table lamps for a while, and I've made wall vases for flowers, I wanted to push my creativity as far as I can. I'll be refining this Idea further with wall sconces on existing light outlets eventually.
         And I just so happened to buy a tile saw that needed a project or three while getting used to it for a tile job. 
        By random dave, on April 3, 2018
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    • This is a neat idea! How did you attach the wine bottles to the wood?
      By RYOBI NATION, on May 1, 2018
      • Don't know why it didn't have the materials list, I remember putting it down before. Fixed now.
        By random dave, on May 2, 2018
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    • Nice job Dave! Glad you picked up the new miter saw to help get the job done!!
      By RYOBI NATION, on May 16, 2018
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    • Really cool build! Did you create this design yourself or were you inspired by someone else's?
      By RYOBI NATION, on May 21, 2018
      • I've seen "belt racks" out there at every martial arts show that only hold the belts in a Chinese pillar and beam style. They don't hold all of the belts, much less any weapons or trophy and plaque space. This was built all spur of the moment using those as a design cue, but with attention and requirements to hold all of their chosen weapons that they're trained with and any awards they get in the same location.
         As each martial artist will eventually train with different weapons of different sizes, their needs for a flexible mounting system of various sized items are required. 
         My son, as you can see uses nunchucks, staves, sais, knives, bows, swords and kamas and has multiple styles of many of them.
         My wife (wall hanging one) uses Kama, bostaff, swords and nunchucks only. 
        By random dave, on May 21, 2018
      • Really neat space to hold all the essentials! 
        By RYOBI NATION, on May 22, 2018
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    • Looks great!
      By grover959, on May 31, 2018
      • Thanks, it was a rough build but worth it in the end. Since this picture was taken, screens lights and a fan have been installed. 
        By random dave, on May 31, 2018

    • We're so glad to hear your battery lasted all day long! This looks awesome!!
      By RYOBI NATION, on June 1, 2018
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    • This is a great idea! I'm always worried that I might set something on a burner that's not cool since we don't have a lot of counter space. This seems like the perfect solution! Nice work!
      By AslansKnight, on August 25, 2018
      • This is on a gas range top, so its either obviously on or obviously off. I would be hesitant to put it on an electric since it's wood because it might be on. We needed something, because you're looking at about 50% of our counter top real estate now. She wants a portable island next. 
        By random dave, on August 26, 2018
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    • Awesome project completed on a small budget!
      By RYOBI NATION, on September 14, 2018
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