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  1. Comment Reply: about 2 months ago
    Modern DVD Shelves : Edwin_Designs
    send me your email, i can possibly scan my drawings with the measurements. mine is:
  2. Comment: 2 months ago
    Soo cool very organized and clean
    By Edwin_Designs
  3. Comment: 2 months ago
    Ryobi Wall
    This is awesome, nicely built and unified. Even have more space around to continue to let it grow, genius.
    By Edwin_Designs
  4. Comment: 3 months ago
    The Ryobi game is Strong with this one
    Once you go green, cant go with any other in between.
    By Edwin_Designs
  5. Comment: 3 months ago
    Ryobi Shed
    Thats one of the coolest shed i ever seen. Very neat and organize.
    By Edwin_Designs
  6. Comment: 3 months ago
    Workbench /shelf
    cool workstation. very neat and organize.
    By Edwin_Designs
  7. Comment: 3 months ago
    Garage Shelves and Murphy Table
    very unique and clever design for the table. Props on the craftmanship, looks solid
    By Edwin_Designs
  8. Comment: 3 months ago
    Garage Shelf
    Cant go wrong with all the green, i like that antique jeep sign.
    By Edwin_Designs
  9. Comment: 3 months ago
    Rack and stack - tool line up
    Rack on Racks on Racks. Very cool and simple design. 👍
    By Edwin_Designs
  10. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Resin and wood end table : Edwin_Designs
    8506 Streamside Dr Houston Tx 77088
  11. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Modern DVD Shelves : Edwin_Designs
    I made small slit on the bottom boards 1/3 into the board to place the legs on em. It help up quite nice. Help me with the woobling aspect when inserting and taking out dvd out.
  12. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Modern DVD Shelves : Edwin_Designs
    I drew up the designs my self. Was inspired by some other design that were similar but made it my own by adding more complex design to it.
  13. Comment: 3 months ago
    Resin and wood end table
    This is so cool. This table would go perfect inside my living room. Perfert color choices.
    By Edwin_Designs
  14. Comment: 3 months ago
    Thats so cool. Where did you find those tool box drawers.
    By Edwin_Designs
  15. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Texas Screwton : Edwin_Designs
    The bottle caps are the brewery, where they reside. The caps were ideas i was thinking on adding them but undecisive addy the moment. Was asking for some ideas or inputs.
  16. Comment: 3 months ago
    Unfinished Basement Renovations: Woodshop Area
    That's clean. Good job
    By Edwin_Designs
  17. Comment: 3 months ago
    Rolling Ryobi Workshop
    Maybe adding some swinging panels on the side can add more storage space for the tools. Overall you created something well made and functionable.
    By Edwin_Designs
  18. Comment: 3 months ago
    ThIs is awesome, so clean and functionable.
    By Edwin_Designs
  19. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    #Ryobi Dream WorkShop : Edwin_Designs
    Yessir. My goal is to fill that texas up.
  20. Comment: 3 months ago
    The New Craft/Project room
    Very Modern feel to the set up
    By Edwin_Designs
  21. Comment: 3 months ago
    Workbench Doghouse
    Thats soo cool. Very unique and conveniet for the dogs to outside when its to noisy for them.
    By Edwin_Designs
  22. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    #Ryobi Dream WorkShop : Edwin_Designs
    But to answer your question. Next on my list is a 10in Table Saw, that New Portable 12in Sliding Mitter Saw, those New Brushless Reciprocal Saw and Brushless that Hammer Drill. Those are soo cool. Makes the jobs so much easier. Also on my list are some other tools as well. But just found out RYOBI made Air Compressor with the Brad Nailer and Nail Finisher. Just order those this past weekend. Should receive it by Wednesday. Cant Wait.
  23. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    #Ryobi Dream WorkShop : Edwin_Designs
    I have a lot on my wish list. Just saving up and building the shelves for em for storage.
  24. Comment: 3 months ago
    Insulated dog house
    that is so cool
    By Edwin_Designs
  25. Comment: 3 months ago
    Must respect.
    By Edwin_Designs
  26. Comment: 3 months ago
    Farmhouse Dog Bed
    That's awesome.
    By Edwin_Designs
  27. Comment: 3 months ago
    New live edge bar shelves
    Very cool. I need to learn how build and set up floating shelves.
    By Edwin_Designs
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