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    • I am purchasing this generator this weekend and was wondering how powerful your amp is? I am going to be using a behringer epq2000 with a macbook pro and mixer and maybe some LED lights. Just wanting to know what your setup is and how the generator is holding up. Thank you.
      By kberkbuegler, on February 21, 2018
      • Hello there. RYOBI 2300 will behave depending on your load. Basic rule is to add the power consumption of the equipment connected on it( you have to read the technical specs of each item. I don’t recommend no more than 2,000 Watts total . Reading the Ryobi manual of how to use it ( it is not just gas and pull the cord )it will save you lot of money. Ryobi died explain of when to connect and disconnect the extension cord ( listen to them ). In your case?? I recommend to connect each item and power on ( one at a time ) .. amp for last please. Then !! THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!. Test, Test, and Test before you do a gig .. test is about having all connected , ( sound and lights ) and push up the volume ( SLOWLY)” with lights on.. and have a VISUAL of the RYOBI screen to see the LOAD bar. When the lights load bar reach 50%? That is your limit !!! Yes! You can push it to 75% but remember !! Music genres goes up and down ( peak signal ) then the RYOBI might reach RED and might shutdown for protection and you don’t want that .. so is about knowing your equipment limits “ it is a good business practice “. I did look into your EPQ2000. And it pulls good power when used in 4 ohms , so! I recommend to use it 8ohms stereo , keep a reasonable volume and you should be good . Last thing ! You did not mention what speakers you are using , hopefully you don’t use subwoofers . Low frequencies take a big toll on amps . Thank you
        By MYDJSOUNDLIGHTS_RYOBI, on February 22, 2018

    • hello again :), I read your message again and noticed that I might not answer your question in full. On da test I did, I used Mac book air, traktor mixer Z1, traktor controller X1,1 dbx GORACK, 2 JBL PRX615M powered speakers. it sound awesome, and loud enough for a large outdoor area, I really push the generator to max! (a limit that I never use) and behave very good, so in normal environment, prefer indoors will do great. I noticed that you mention buying a RYOBI this weekend. If you could, send me an email with your information so i can contact you with few more hints. Thank You
      By MYDJSOUNDLIGHTS_RYOBI, on February 22, 2018

    • DJ Rico! Thank you so much for getting back with me. With this particular setup, I will be using only 2 PV115 speakers and no subs. I have been searching for a small, light weight generator for some time now to standout from the competition. I finally narrowed my search down to the Ryobi or a Westinghouse Inverter. I would appreciate some tips and tricks if your okay with that. My email is kenny@soundwavemobiledj.net
      By kberkbuegler, on February 22, 2018
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