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    • Great garage! I'm jealous! I love how organized you have it! Lots of junk in the middle point at bottom lol! =p I am OCD and also have my garage super organized but I certainly don't have near the tools you do lol! I do have a good amount of tools and my garage is the envy of my friends, so I'm not easily impressed and your garage had blow me away! I use to work full time as and autobody repair tech as well as doing automotive paint and also welding and fabrication in addition to that I am proficient in vehicle maintenance and repair. When I was working doing that full time I had the best tools money could buy Satajet spray guns, tools from Snap-On, Matco, Miller, Cornwell, Mac. I only has an 18 volt Dewalt set of NiCad tools and later on I bought an 18 volt lithium Ion hammer drill and impact driver with 3 18 volt Lithium Ion batteries which would also run all my older NiCad 18 volt tools which I had 5 NiCad batteries for and coming from a shop air tools were used constantly and I had 24 air tools that were the best brands money could buy! Unfortunately I was in an accident damaging my back so I could not work full time and so on I started doing side jobs to earn some extra cash and the killer part was I had no air compressor big enough to run most my 24 air tools! At the time I was doing side work I thought I had my tools locked up in an area that wad secure, unfortunately I was wrong and my nearly $20,000 worth of tool were stolen. I came to live with my mother and help her since she is disabled. We have a very large 2-1/2 car garage an we have slowly been filling it with tools, not the best money can buy like my old tools, but enough to get by doing all our car repairs and maintenance I am also a handyman and take car of all the work around the house and at the 3 rental units my mother owns. One ironic thing is I got a large 60 gallon air compressor that has never left me waiting for air and now I only have a few air tools, I would have been nice to have this compressor to use when I had my 24 high end air tools, in the reviews people bitched about wiring it because it needed to be wired to a dual 30amp breaker, I had not problems and ran the wiring up the wall into our attic and brought back down to the breaker box in the garage and slapped the dual 30amp breaker in the breaker panel and then I drilled all the 5" deep 1/2" holes into the concrete to anchor the compressor to the garage floor, the manual specified to use 3/8" concrete anchors with I disregarded because all the feet had 1/2" holes in the and also the rubber isolation pads had 1/2" holes so I went ahead and used 1/2" anchors, I also got all the necessary fitting and air filter to plum in my air connection fitting for my air hose to attach to. When I left a review on my compressor I saw many pathetic things like people that ran their compressor with is still on the pallet it came on instead of anchoring it to the ground, other people bitching that it was 220 volts instead of 120 that you could just plug into the wall and complained it needed to be wired into the breaker box with large gauge wire and a dual pole 30amp breaker and that you had to wire your wiring into the compressor control box, and yet others complaining that your had to buy fitting so your could connect your airline to it even more complaints that you had to buy a rubber insulation pad pack and concrete bolts to mount it, I got it anchored to the concrete with the isolation pads and the larger 1/2 concrete anchors, then I wired my wiring into the compressor which was very simple and i ran the wiring for it up the wall and thru our attic and dropped it down right into the breaker box and popped the dual pole 30amp breaker into the breaker panel and I had gotten all the necessary air fittings to plum my air compressor including an a water filter and pressure regulator and also because the drain fitting on it was a joke that u you could barley get to with it being at the center of the bottom of the tank and your had to drain your compressor to 30psi before your could open this small pathetic screw fitting to let the rest of the air out, I wasn't going to deal with that junk so I made a drain valve similar to the kind we had the the shop I used to work and and I took a 90% elbow faced it out attached a small pipe and at the end I put a ball valve on it, I brought out just far enough that I could kick it open with my foot so now I can plug my ears since the sound of it draining is deafening and kick the drain open with my foot and I can drain it and and psi and not have to get it down to 30psi first. So doing the things people complained about I drilled the holes into the concrete and anchored it with the 1/2" bolts 5" into the concrete, rand the wiring up the wall very neatly and into the attic dropping it back down into the breaker box installing the new dual pole 30amp breaker and wiring the compressor to it and I connected all the fitting for it and also ran a water filter and adjustable air gauge to it (since I wasn't stupid I knew it would need fittings before your could attach an air hose to is!) and did all this completely full installation of it in less than an hour it was very easy. So we have slowly added to our tool collection so I have enough to do basic repairs and maintenance on our vehicles. I also have some autobody repair work tools and some decent spray guns and since I have a nice garage to work in now I have done collision repair and paint in addition to doing things like racing stripes I did for a friend and also many other kinds of graphics for others! I even have my portable carpet extractor from when I was young and detailed cars for a living so I do interior car detailing on the side now as well. In addition we have got many tools to help me do handyman work and all the maintenance and repairs around our house we recently remodeled our kitchen and upstairs and we were going to hire my cousins friend to do our tile work and after we saw some of tile work that he did my cousins that was sloppy we decided against having him do all our tile work, we bought a very nice commercial quality Ridgid 7" tile saw so I could do the tile work myself it's really cool it rolls around on a dolly and when you are ready to use it you simply push down a lever with your foot and pull on the handles and it folds out onto it's built in table! it's great! So for out remodel since it's hard on my back and we had to order custom cabinet anyway we went ahead and let them install the cabinets and counter top. Past that I did everything else. I started with the demolition of the old kitchen and pulling off the 8" drop ceiling that was in there and then putting up some drywall where it needed to be and then installed new florescent lights. and with that really nice ridgid tile saw. We had been quoted $2,200 just for labor to do the tile and that didn't include tiling the kitchen backsplash so the tile saw cost us $500 and when I used it to do the tile myself it saved us a lot of money! luckily I am very good with my hands and I catch on really quick just by doing, this was the first time I had ever done tile and I got all the backer board down and just started tiling and it came out great but my favorite thing I did was the backsplash I am very OCD and will accept nothing less than perfect so our tile backsplash where it meet up with the counter and cabinets the gaps between the tile and counter top and cabinets are non existent since my cuts were so precise and that was the first backsplash I had ever done, I also added under cabinet lighting that includes 6 lights and a 3 brightness touch button, people don't even realize it's there unless you show them and we constantly have people who did our backsplash and lighting and my mom always chimes in and says I did it lol her best friend likes my work and attention to details she had me come and install faucets and 4 new shut off valves in their bathroom and installed new on and off valves in their other shower and tile their split entry and my mom asked to do it for free because her friend is to good to her and i concurred and did it for free and they saw my quality of work at our house and how well I did installing their new shut off valves and faucets plus the guts on their tun/shower to get it to stop leaking their split entry that they ended up hiring me to tile their kitchen and 2 bathrooms and since my back is bad I recruited a friend to come and help for a third of what I was going to make and being my moms friend I gave her a great per square foot price and in the end even after paying my buddy to help I walked away with enough to treat myself and buy myself a brand new 70" 1080p HiDef flatscreen TV and some Xbox games and that job couldn't have come at a better time because my 60" projection TV was having major issues and one it's last leg lol. Also when I got my carpet extractor out of storage and detailed my truck and my moms car her best friend again how good of work I do and paid me to detail her car only a couple of days ago Also my best friends mom has also see my tile work at out house and how good it is and wants me to come do some tiling for her soon plus she has 2 cars she wants me to detail too! But between me tiling our house my moms friends house and doing tile in all my moms rental units that nice tile saw we bought has paid for itself many time over. So back to our remodel in addition to all the tiling I did in our house I also installed all the appliances, oven, built in microwave, gas stove top, the hood above it which i had to make braces in the attic for the hood to attach to, I installed the garbage disposal and plumbed it and the other side of the sink and into the drain, and I hooked up the dish washer with power, pex water line for water intake and also the hose the pumps the water from the dishwasher into the garbage disposal, I also hooked up the water lines to the faucet and it's a delta touch20 faucet so I had to wire it so the faucet touch on sensor would work and it's amazing, I love it!, I also installed more braces in the attic to attach 2 hanging lights 1 on each side of the hood, when I went to install the fridge the water line that went to it was a little cheap 1/4" plastic line that just came up thru a hole in the floor so I fixed that junk and ran some pex line over to the wall behind the fridge and installed a recessed water shut off box into the wall and connected the fridge to the water box with a special flexible hose designed for connecting water to fridges. I also installed new faucets in both our upstairs bathrooms and I also installed new toilet in them, in the master bath I installed a new light over the vanity and in the main bath I painted it all in a cream white with a single burgundy accent wall and I also installed a new light over the vanity plus in the main bath I also installed new towel racks. So now that I've written a docudrama lol back to the point!. I'm envious of all the tools you have and I see them nicely hung and organized I also see 2 home depot bins just like the one I have. but I also keep my garage very clean, I very recently at home depot and I had been talking to my mom and showing her pics because her best friend husband had had some snaplock faux wood floor that he has had since I tiled their house like a year ago and I kept telling my mom I'd love to go help him and that we would need a miter saw and I would have him buy one and then keep it as part of my payment, but he is very proud and says if I ask Jimmy (my moms best friends husband) that then he would be made at Elaine (my moms best friend) for telling me that he has flooring he needs put down because he is very proud and doesn't want any help be he is getting very old and he just can't do that kind of stuff any more. Well I'm sure glad I told my mom over and over and showed her pics of miter saws and kept saying I would take one as part of my payment if Jimmy would let me help him, because we were at Home Depot and she saw one on sale plus we had a 10% off coupon and got another 5% for using our Home Depot card and I ended up getting a very nice Ryobi 10" sliding compound miter saw that's normally $180 and I was on sale for $150 plus we got 15% off that so we only paid $135 for it, it was one of my christmas gifts and I couldn't have been happier to get it I also found an old miter saw stand we had sitting around because we had no use for it well when I got my miter saw home I cleaned up our old stand and drilled some new holes and ground some of the plastic holders down to a proper size and now my Ryobi 10" sliding compound miter saw clamps right onto is and when u want to take it off you just loosen the boards with 2 crank handles on the stand so it'll come right off and on with no tools and whats great is at harbor freight for only $15 I got and adjustable height roller stand so if u are cutting longer material that will support it! and the other great think is the roller extension folds up and the saw goes into a carry mode and isnt to big plus the miter saw stand I have folds down compact so since everything folds up nice and small I could pack it in the trunk of the car so I can take it all somewhere without having to pack it around in my old beater truck, which I enjoy driving the interior is in really good almost perfect shape and now that I've cleaned the floors and seats with my extractor and I put some ArmorAll on it it's looking really good and I like the higher riding position with bigger windows to see and it's got power locks and windows, cruise control, the seats are very comfortable plus it has AC that works great and it runs perfect, starts right up everytime, but here's the shitty part it's got a ton of dents in it and the bedsides r crushes in the passengers side had such a huge dent in it that it was preventing from the the window from rolling down so I had to take off the interior panel and punch it out so the window would work lol and it falls in the year range where they were having paint problems so the silver paint on it is flaking off like crazy my only concern is that the bedsides r crushed in to bad and I don't have the welding equipment to put new ones on it and I could probably just fix the bed sights but I don't have a comealong or a portapower to push and or pry them back out but after some other projects I might try to work on my truck here and there, like I said I like driving it probably even more than the car cuz I like the hight visibility but being all beat up it's a cop magnet, but hey it's a Chevy with a 350 u can't beat that plus its 25 years old this year and it still has a great interior working power door locks and windows and cruise control and best of all great working AC and it only cost me $500 and in 7 years when I first got it I went to pick and pull and got and arm rest a couple of door seals and electrical switch for the lights, some of the push buttons that turn the lights on and off when you open and close the door just some trivial shit, after that I went to Napa to buy fluids so I could totally change all the fluids, engine oil and filter, trans oil and filter, enough brake fluid to flush the whole system out and get it filled back up with clean fluid, rear end fluid to change the fluid in the rear differential and then I saw if for $90 and I shouldn't have but the stock one was a total pos and super restrictive so I bought a chrome plated air cleaner cover with a 4 inch tall K&N filter included with it, u can tell it added some power and the engine sounds better now too! So repair wise all I've had to fix in 7 years is a wiper motor, a starter on it, 2 of the flexible front brake lines a power steering hose, a thermostat. and a steering part called a pitman arm and I did the idler arm while I was at it and I had to put a new radiator in it and it was my fault it broke because the thermostat a $10 part wasn't working and putting to much pressure on the radiator so it sprung a leak but luckily they ran that body style of truck for 10 years so parts r super easy to find and super cheap, even with all that stuff I've only it was only like $400 at most. Past that I've just done normal service work on it, changing fluids and filters, had to replace the battery, charged the AC once, put some brake pads on it, 2 tires, new wiper blades, and had to put a windshield in it, so all just basic services. once I do some needed collision and dent repairs on my moms car and get it painted and then I might work on my truck here and there just for the hell of it maybe eventually I can get the dents out and paint it lol! God so anyways I keep drifting off point here, I'm no where near close to the tools you've got in your garage but I do have my Ryobi 10" sliding compound sliding miter saw with table and I even got connections to hook it up to my Ridgid wet dry vac so it has suction dust collection, I have my professional grade carpet extractor, I have and older Ridgid set that has a regular 1/2" drill and a 1/4" hex drive impact driver and I actually found a $120 Ridgid Jig saw down at one of my moms rental units that had been abandoned and it still works great and I have my skill corded jigsaw, my Dewalt jitterbug sander, my corded Ryobi corded circular saw, my Milwaukee corded 1/2" hammer drill, corded Ryobi 3/8 " drill, my small Black and Decker belt sander, my black and decker corded jigsaw, my super nice corded Makita sawzall, my chicago electric dual saw, my autobody stud gun, my home depot and harbor freight parts bins, my Sensei carpet Extractor, my Ridgid 7" wet tile saw, my 60 gallon 3.7hp 155psi that delivers 11.7scfm at 90psi compressor my little mini fridge I keep out there lol, mt painters masking machine, my nice husky tool tote bag and AWP-HP tool belt, and my 44" US-General tool box we wont go into whats in that cuz we r looking at power tools lol Again mad props dude I love your collection and how organized you have it!!! =D
      By Chev513, on March 6, 2016

    • Oh ya duh I almost forgot I have a 6" air random orbital sander, 90% 1/4" collet die grinder, a crappy low power craftsman 1/2" air impact gun my buddy gave me to use. Ok but most important up there with my highest tools, an 18volt Ridgid compact brushless motor R86116 Hammer Drill and it's a monster it'll pound a 1/2" hole into concrete as fast as my big corded Milwaukee hammer drill will and with the brushless motor is so compact if I set it side by side with my older regular plain 1/2" 18volt Ridgid drill the new brushless hammer drill is the same size even though it's hammer drill and much more powerful! Also an 18volt Ridgid brushless R8653 Circular Saw with a full size 7-1/4" blade and it's a monster too I really put it to the test cutting treated lumbar i even set it at 45% and cut down a 3 foot piece of lumber no sweat, I also cut something so thick that it way an 1/8" away from the max cut depth, honestly and I had to say but the pretty old low end corded Ryobi 7-1/4" circular saw is no where near as nice as my new 18volt brushless cordless Ridgid circular saw, plus I now have 4 18volt Ridgid batteries but the ones that came with my new brushless hammer drill and 7-1/4" circular saw kit are hyper lithium Ion batteries there's a 2.0amp one that I keep in the drill 1and a 4.0amp big boy that I keep in my brushless motor 7-1/4" circular saw because that give it plenty of power and runtime! both the brushless hammer drill and brushless 7-1/4" saw will run on either the 2.0amp or 4.0amp hyper lithium Ion batteries, I just like to keep the bigger 4.0amp in the saw so it gets max runtime because it takes more to run than the drill unless I'm drilling into concrete that will draw more energy. I can use the 18volt batteries out of my older set but you can definitely see the and hear the lack of power compared the the hyper lithium Ion batteries, the good thing is the hyper Lithium Ion batteries last forever on a single charge! Plus they have fuel gauges on them so u can bush a button and it'll tell u how much battery is left! And if you but one of the Hyper Lithium Ion batteries on and older too u can see it'll run faster, I tried it with my Jig saw and u can easily see it runs faster! I love these new brushless tools, I've got a compact yet powerful hammer drill and with this new brushless circular saw it's wicked that its got a full 7-1/4" blade just like a corded saw, I love it! I used to have an old Ni-Cad Dewalt 18volt with a 6-1/2" blade and I used it a ton, when I would work at my dads barn that's what I would always use to make cuts because there were 50 stalls on each side so getting a cord to run down there was nearly impossible, of course I had 5 Ni-Cad batteries nut even so I would cut a lot of OSB board down there and that little 6-1/2" 18volt Ni-Cad battery saw it ran a good amount of time and so far this 18volt 4.0amp Hyper Lithium Ion has been lasting forever!!! I've heard theses new brushless motor save battery by judging the amount of load on the saw so that it'll cut the power consumption so you end up getting better battery life! All I know is the batteries have been lasting forever on both the drill and saw! and the quality on both of them is amazing! Ridgid has the LSA or Lifetime Service Agreement but it's a bitch to get, I filled it out online perfect with all the serial numbers and the numbers and everything they wanted and then there was some issue so then I emailed them a copy of the receipt and they told me the image was to small and they didn't know how to make it bigger, I'm like omg really! and you have to get it done within 90 days since you bought it, luckily after the propblems on the phone and thru the internet they restarted my 90 days so I have more time. now I got to mail it to them cuz they say it can take up to 6-8 weeks to process and they want my original receipt so I had to make copies to keep for myself so I'm going to mail that to them but I'm going to mail it registered mail! I'm not worried about them breaking, I didn't even know about the lifetime service agreement until I bought these new tools, otherwise I would have got it on my tile saw and my other regular 1/2" drill and 1/4" impact driver but here's the best part is the batteries have serial numbers also and if u get them setup with the LSA then they are covered for life so when your battery dies you don't have to buy a new one cuz even the batteries carry the lifetime service agreement, I thought that was sweet I know lithium Ion batteries last longer than Ni-Cad batteries and have a longer lifespan but damn when I had my dewalt Ni-Cad set I went thru 4 batteries in the around 5-6 years I had them. I remember when I got a lithium ion drill and impact diver and 3 lithium Ion batteries I love how with the lithium ion gives full power till the end and then it just stops which is nice, the hammer drill was nice and the 1/4" impact driver had a lot more power, I gave the old Ni-Cad one to my dad to keep and use and one day he tried my new 18 volt lithium ion battery had lots more power and hes like ok I need the old NiCad one back cuz this new lithium ion one has to much power for me lol and what was cool with those is all the new 18volt lithuim ion batteries would work with all the old NiCad tools that I already had so that was sick! My fav tools were the circular saw, of course the 1/4" hex drive impact driver and they were running a special when I bought the big set I got a free tool and at the time I was working at a truck shop and I decided to get some power tin shears and they were bad ass cuz then I could cut the tin right where we left it and not have to drag the whole rolls of tin in the shop and I wouldn't had to have to drag out a bunch of air line the get out there plus then I'd have to borrow some air powered tin shears. I would only borrow tools from my friend Gary and I would only loan tools to him cuz I knew that he knows how freaking expensive they were. I remembered my first time when I was young going onto the Matco truck thinking I was gonna get a bunch of tools and only walking off there with a set of 12 point metric wrenches and a 12 point set of standard wrenches and a $600 bill lol! If I remember the metrics had all I needed but I had to buy some bigger standard wrenches and they cost $75-$90, but damn they were the best money could buy, I think I had the rip break off of one of the open end of a wrench and he just gave me a new one no questions asked. And even though they were expensive they were the highest quality you could get and it was nice because you would just pay them a set amount a week and u didn't have to have credit and they never charged you any interest! at the time my ex wife bought me my 52" wide to[ and bottom craftsman toolbox and a nice wrench set and some locking pliers and a carry around set of high visibility chrome sockets in metric and standard and with 1/4" 3/8" and 1/2" drive socket and ratchets and some deep sockets most shallow sockets and most 12 point. But the set I got from sears was like the ultimate impact socket set, it came with 4 impact extensions, and then i put mine on posts making it easier to find what u neede but it had a full set of 1/2" drive deep sockets in both standard and metric, a full set of 1/2" drive shallow sockets in metric and standards, a full set of 3/8" drive deep sockets both metric and standard, and a shallow set of 3/8" drive in both metric and standard, I was something like 100 socket including the 4 extensions and 2 wobble extensions. it was such a sick set I kept it in the very top of my box, my chrome one i cut the little plastic they came in in half and them got them to both fit in a drawer lol, but I really only used my impact sockets for everything, cuz they were right up top easy to see what drive size they were and then pick if u need something in shallow or standard. at this time we didn't have a dedicatied Snap-On guy the only guy that came every week was Matco and I was working 50 or so hours on the week days just doing my normal job and then hours after those 50 I would take on side jobs like stretching the wheelbase of a truck and I'd done enough of them I could do them fast! They would pay $250 for a stretch and I'd be done in 5 hours for sure so that was like $50 and hour plus I was getting time and a half on $18 an hour for usually 10 hours a week and maybe 2 side jobs a week and then on the weekends I was helping my dad build his barn and me friend Gary from work was helping use too and so between regular pay, overtime, side jobs and weekend work I was making a ton of money and a lot of disposable money so I liked Matco and thought they were better than Snap-On and in some places they were just equal. but since our Matco guy was the only one that'd be there every week I always bought from him and in my mind Matco and Snap-On were the 2 best out there. so since our matco guy was there every week and I had lots of disposable income I just started buying stuff from him left and right i go my 52" box with top and bottom so full I was rolling around a little to another place in the shop and on of the swiveling casters just folded right over and all the ball bearings just poured out of it, and casters r expensive for good ones, just for standard replacements sears wanted $90 I was talking to my dad telling him they r expensive and hell and like oh ya I've got some big 6" one that r rated for 1,000 pounds each, I just had to take the torch and cut them off some brackets they were on and the i took them home filled a 5 gallon bucket with really hot water and lots of degreaser and let them soak over night and then the next day pulled them out cleaned them up and these ones were really nice casters they actually had grease zercs on them so u could grease the bearing in the wheel, so I had my drill and tap and marker thinking i was gonna have to drill new holes in the box so they would fit, I had my tollbox in my apt and took the little jack out of my wife's car to jack one end of the toolbox up lol so I pulled out the bottom drawer so I could get in the box and drill the new holes for the bigger casters an to my delightful surprise there was already a bolt pattern pre drilled for my 6" casters to I just had to bolt them on and i never had problems with those big 6" casters but hey they were rated at 1,000 pound each so my box would have to be over 4,000 pounds to break them lol. the funny thing is before I got my toolbox I had my tools in a lockable wooden cabinet and when me and my wife honeymooned with didn't go anywhere we had 2 of the biggest baddest 4wheel drive fourwheelers that had 4 wheel independent suspension, hydraulic front and rear breaks, permanently locked rear ends, push button 4wheel drive the Yamaha had a push button electromagnetic front locker and the Kawasaki had a cable locker so your would pull a lever to engage the locker, they both had superb engine braking capabilities the engine braking would work so well that u could come down a hill nice and slow without even having to touch the brakes! and they both had CVT transmission so there were 4 gear settings, 5 on the Yamaha, H for high range, L for low range, R for Reverse N for neutral which you'd put the Kawasaki in to park it and you would put the park brake on and the 5th gear on the Yamaha was Park, it had no parking brake your would just put it in park, both had LCD control displays the would show the time, had speedometers and would show your speed, they would have icons the would tell you if your in 4wheel drive and since the Yamaha had an electromagnetic front locker it had a display that would tell you if your front locker was engaged or not they both also had trip meters and odometers showing lifetime miles and they also had lights and Icons for problems like overheating or other things, the only problem I ever had with them was the first time I took it out riding a seal went out and it got oil the CVT belt in the transmission and luckily I was able to get it back to my truck and load it up and took it right back to the dealer and I'm like you need to fix this now or give me another one, I'm like you better have it fixed till next weekend and then they told me they had to wait for some special bolt and I knew which one they were talking about cuz I saw in the manual that when you take that certain bolt out of the transmission it can't be reused because as u tighten it down the threads stretch so u need a new bolt to go back in, I called a dealer us don't know my area I just remembered lol well I called a dealer that was like 40 miles away and bombed my ass there as quick as I could so that I'd make it before they closed and then i got the bolt and took it back to the place I bought both my fourwheelers and where they were doing the warranty plaza cycle and I went into the service department to the guy that said they were waiting on the bolt and they wouldn't have it fixed by this weekend and I pulled the bolt out of my pocket and slammed it on the counter right in front of him and told him no here's the bolt and it better be done by the weekend so their dumb asses got it done, They were different animals though, I bought the Yamaha Grizzly first cuz the Kawasaki Brute Force had just come out and I hadn't heard much about it. but I bought the grizzly out right and since I had the money I bought one of those 3 gallon flat gas tanks that strap to the rack on your fourwheeler and then u can still strap stuff over it and it wasn't a pain to carry like a normal gas can it was sweet, and I didn't like the look of hard carrying cases so I got a soft one, later in the year the zipper died and I took it back and told me I needed to constantly put this zipper lube on and I'm like no one told me that so you need to give me a new pack finally after i argued with them over it a really nice warn 3500pound winch for it and I bought the bracket mounting kit but where I worked at a shop and could easily mount that and also Easily wire it since I was good at wiring, wiring this winch was childs play to wiring my 3,000 watt stereo with 2 amps 5 farad capacitor 2 optima deep cycle gel cell batteries and the one going to the alternator had to have extra wiring between it and the alternator because I upgraded from a 90amp to a 150amp alternator so it needed the extra wiring so it wouldn't burn up then I had bought batteries with both side and top terminals and I bought all the wiring and soldered the wire into the brass fittings and with the use of a special solenoid which was a pain now i have wire going from 2 batteries no to 3 places on the solenoid but it was worth the effort, I completely cut the main battery out of the system unless the truck was running so basically that meant I could listen to the stereo without the truck on even till it dies and then with the way the solenoid was setup it would only drain the secondary battery and wouldn't connect the other battery unless the truck was actually running so u could listen the second battery dead and still start up with the first battery cuz it remained untouched. anyways ya so wiring the winch on the Grizzly was easy just mounted the adapter plate and hook up the winch with a couple wire to the battery and then a power wire in the gearbox. so then I did some performance stuff not much just a K&N air filter and an exhaust that looked really weird and had plated over the hole in the back of the muffler so exhaust would vent out of the plates well after riding a few times I noticed some extra exhaust and clunking sound and I opened up the access panel and were the exhaust tube goes into the muffler had broken look and would move all around and I also noticed that there was a small amount of burnt plastic above the exhaust so I took I off at my shop just a little ways away and took it back to them and the FN moron who sold it to me sold me the muffler for the previous generation Grizzly so the guy helping me is like oh ya for the new grizzly is like$100 more and I'm like I don't mind paying that extra $100 because since your guy sold me the wrong exhaust and it burned my fender you guys are going to get to replace my fender since I was ruined because of the negligence of one of your employees and they got all tweaked out and r like oh how about we just give u this muffler straight across and call it even and I'm like idk you know what u throw in 2 pairs of those $30 riding gloves there one for me and one for my wife and it's a deal and I'll take care of the fender myself so I didn't pay anything for the more expensive muffler and I got 2 pair riding gloves and the fender wasn't even jacked it just had a little brown discoloration at the bottom lol! But I bought the Grizzly outright and it was a 660 single piston 5 valve motor and had some sweet power but at time I had another fourwheeler but it was and old as shitty suspension and brakes rough riding piece of crap plus u had to shift it there was no clutch but u still had to shift the foot peg and my wife had bought me my Grizzly and my toolbox as a marriage present and she had been driving a shitty old rodeo with a stick and she didn't like stick, so my wedding present to her was her dream car a new beetle in the electric blue with the 6 speed automatic and it had to be a turbo diesel and on a beetle there's not a ton of automatics and them there's even fewer diesels and I wen to both the dealerships near me and guess what the was only one electric blue car between both of them and by some miracle the only electric blue one avalible had the turbo diesel and it wasn't a manual and even had the new tiptronic 6 speed auto that u could flip over and shift automatically, It was hard to keep a poker face at the dealer that had the only one I needed for her so I'd go to the other dealer and dink off and be like oh there gonna hook me up on a loaded demo car for cheap and I got a couple thousand off I had never bought a bar so I didn't realize there was less markup in them cuz I've only bought trucks before and they have a lot of markup so u can get a lot off them. so I got the automatic she needed and the turbo diesel she wanted and managed to find her first pic in color too and before i brought it home i hid it at the shop and I bought 17" 5 fat spoke aluminum wheels I knew she wanted cuz a couple weeks earlier and she said she like those fat 5 spokes best so that's what I put on it and 17" so 1" bigger and a hell of a lot nicer than the cheap 16" steel wheels with plastic hub caps that came on it, plus I tinted the windows but not like my truck windows were 5% and totally illegal so on her beetle I had them do the 2 front windows in 40% which is the darkest u can go and still be legal and then I only had do a 40% or 20% in back I can't even though you can do as dark as you want in the back I have 5% in it and I had to roll my side windows at night so I could see to back up, but the only thing is I my windows really dark so walking by it was hard to see in and that was the point cuz i had a lot of expensive stereo and I didn't want people to be able to see it. so wandered off story again so i bought her the bug she bought me fourwheeler a we went out riding and after a little bit shes like I hate fourwheeling and i'm like its cuz your riding that little shitty fourwheeler and shes like no I bought that for u so u ride it well after I got her to ride the big old grizzly with 4 wheel independent suspension, big saddle seat and she just like i car she doesnt like to drive stick and u had to shift the little timberwolf and it was only 2 wheel drive and only had old ass cable brakes and was slow as hell not just at top speed too and the suspension was terrible it would beat the shit out of you! so after we went a couple of times just taking the grizzly we didn't go to many times cuz winter was coming but we wouldn't even bring the little timberwolf we would ride together on the grizzly and I'd drive most the time but she would get a good amount of driving in she likes the grizzly cuz there is no shifting and it had cushy suspension and rode like a dream. so next season I went down and bought another big forwheeler so we could go out together and also when she was working weekends I would take my mom or dad out so for the second forwheeler I had gotten a taste of power from the Grizzly and I wanted more so I looked at the Brute Force Kawasaki and in a year they hadn't problems so I decided to get one it had all i wanted digital LCD display a CVT transmission with high, low and reverse, push button 4wheel drive, 4 wheel independent suspension with like a foot of ground, a front locker, hydraulic brakes and more. originally for warranty reasons I had my grizzly get it's first service at the dealer and it was like $250 I was worried about there being warranty issues if I did the service by the time I got the Kawasaki the second one I just started doing the services my self just oil changes checking a few things for wear or problems was real easy. so I liked both the fourwheelers but the Kawasaki Brute Force was mine no one else ever rode it first off the grizzly was a 660 single cylinder where the brute force was a 750 V-Twin and not only was it 90 cc bigger but it was also a 2 cylinder V-Twin configuration of a motor and V-Twin motors r notorious for producing lots of low end torque I could take the brute force out on the pavement and take in mind this fourwheeler weighs 750 pounds and I weighed around 180 so 930 well its V-Twin had so much low end torque on the pavement I could put it in low range and not only does this fourwheeler weigh a lot but there's no clutch to pop so in low range I would just floor it from a stop and it'd ride a wheelie. well shit I went totally off topic after the beginning there, one more comment all business
      By Chev513, on March 6, 2016

    • Wow, Home Depot must love you. I like your collection and the way you have arranged the collection.
      By Leomc3, on May 28, 2016
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