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Member Since: 06/2012


  1. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Garage Organization
    Great video. I really love the clamp rack. I use a bought metal rolling rack that seems to be more in the way than useful. I think I have ANOTHER new project. Also the paper to match your workbench and on cleats, AWESOME! Are you starting a youtube channel?
    By mrpip
  2. Comment Reply: about 2 months ago
    My messy shop : mrpip
    The Chop Saw Station, Radial arm cabinet, the junk table aka workbench, several tool stands and my outfeed assembly table are mine. I’m just starting a heavy duty solid workbench. Of course ALL the dust is mine. Apparently I’m the only one that thinks cleaning up is over rated. LOL big time.
  3. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Custom rustic desk
    Great video. Pretty cool desk too.
    By mrpip
  4. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Frame Design
    We’ve all over stressed making a cut when mistakes weren’t an option. Nice job.
    By mrpip
  5. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Built-in shelves
    Nice job. They look professional. I have to believe your other half is happy. Enjoy!
    By mrpip
  6. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Rolling Ryobi Workshop
    That's what organization looks like. I am so afraid to take a picture of my shop and post it. Luckily there are no frown faces at Congrats and enjoy.
    By mrpip
  7. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Black and White American flag
    Nice work. I thought Fezz was in the house. I need to get back in my shop something bad. Hope you enjoy that beauty.
    By mrpip
  8. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Indoor Dog Crate for a Friend
    Beautiful work. You turned function into furniture.
    By mrpip
  9. Comment: about 2 months ago
    What a great use of space. I'm blessed to have more but it is unheated.
    By mrpip
  10. Comment: about 2 months ago
    end tables
    Agree, the tops look very cool. Love the creativity used in these tables. Maybe I shouldn't throw all those little pieces away.
    By mrpip
  11. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Under stairs playhouse & Dog Bed
    What creative use of basically wasted space. The craftsmanship is impressive.
    By mrpip
  12. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Vinyl Record Storage Case
    Nice work and I love the irony of the initials.
    By mrpip
  13. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Live edge end table
    Beautiful. How did you level it?
    By mrpip
  14. Comment: 2 months ago
    Airplane Shelf
    I'm sure they will remember you fondly. Beautiful work. I really like the contrasting hardwood.
    By mrpip
  15. Comment: 2 months ago
    Christmas Gifts
    The sides look like 1/4" oak. Did you cut two at once to save time? I know I would have on my scroll saw but not sure about doing that with a saber saw. They look great and I'm sure they were greatly appreciated. It gives me a good idea for next year.
    By mrpip
  16. Comment: 2 months ago
    Cherry Table and Bench
    I love the use of beautiful hardwood. Cherry is one of my favorites. Where did you get the design?
    By mrpip
  17. Comment: 2 months ago
    Wall hanger
    Nice 12 pointer. Did you score it? Seriously, it looks great.
    By mrpip
  18. Comment: 2 months ago
    Storage solutions for Mud Room
    Beautiful work. I love your choice of hardware and the contrasting bench top. Well done.
    By mrpip
  19. Comment: 2 months ago
    Cutting Table
    What a great idea for a small shop. Enjoy!
    By mrpip
  20. Comment: 2 months ago
    Live Edge TV Stand
    I love the look you got with the recycled legs and the live edge ash. The epoxy gives it a protection and nice finish.
    By mrpip
  21. Comment: 2 months ago
    Checker bowl
    Very cool. I keep saying I want to try that but keep putting it off. I love your choice of contrasting wood. Is that a salad bowl finish or just an oil?
    By mrpip
  22. Comment: 2 months ago
    Epic VIP metal
    Wow, the progression pictures show how much work this was. What a great way to say thanks to a friend.
    By mrpip
  23. Comment: 2 months ago
    Gaming Table
    Great idea for a project. What did you use for the grey? It looks like tile in one picture then like almost slate in another. I hope you get a lot of enjoyment out of it!
    By mrpip
  24. Comment: 2 months ago
    Ryobi Dream Workshop
    You are WAY more organized than I am. Where did you get the Ryobi stools? I don't remember ever seeing them at HD. Go make something fun!
    By mrpip
  25. Comment: 2 months ago
    Drawer Dining Table
    Love the distressed finish. Using plywood on the top was a great choice. Solid lumber that large would have had a bunch of movement. The hardwood edging makes it look like a solid board. Another great project by Tjbaum.
    By mrpip
  26. Comment: 2 months ago
    Pallet Top Console Table
    I think Nick would approve of your use of reclaimed lumber. Hope you and your wife are enjoying the tables.
    By mrpip
  27. Comment: 2 months ago
    GinnyBins Custom Farmhouse Table
    That wood is amazing looking. I can get beautiful hardwood but never can find reclaimed lumber. The fact it's from Harpers Ferry might add some historical significance. Congrats and enjoy!
    By mrpip
  28. Comment: 2 months ago
    Boardform Concrete Garden and Bench
    Awesome build. The concrete work looks beautiful. It sure makes the back yard.
    By mrpip
  29. Comment: 2 months ago
    Dining Room
    I so get that feeling of "not paying" for something I can do. I'm just not sure I would have had the patience and skills to do the job you did. Enjoy your new dining room!
    By mrpip

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