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  1. Comment: 5 months ago
    Fenced Garden
    This is such a good job and it was great for your son!  I like the rubber walk way you made in the center.  Thanks for sharing pics of the "veggies of your labor" & it gives me such good ideas.  I have pallet wood right now sitting in my driveway waiting for me to get to it.  Thanks for sharing. 

    By Making_It_Best
  2. Comment: 5 months ago
    Double Pickets Fence
    Yes this is very nice!

    By Making_It_Best
  3. Comment Reply: 5 months ago
    Ryobi Workshop : Making_It_Best
    That really is a nice workshop.  It is full of tools and it is sooo clean like a showroom.  How long did it take you to put the shop together and build up to all the tools?  How long have you been woodworking? Do you have pics of other things you have done?  Thanks.  Newbie asking. 
  4. Comment: 5 months ago
    Firewood Storage
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!  This is Exactly what I need to clear to all the wood from trees downed from a tornado.  Best of all I could build this with what I have in the garage & it will get to clear it out as well.  Great job.  Easy design and simple construction. Thanks!
    By Making_It_Best
  5. Comment: 5 months ago
    Silverware Drawer Organizer
    Could I leave the plywood in there for now & maybe make it with more clunkier wood?  I'm trying to clear out the wood in my garage so I can turn it into my workshop.  Or is plywood not useable because these are food utensils?  Thanks for the feed back. 
    By Making_It_Best
  6. Comment: 5 months ago
    Screened Porch
    This is soo nice.  I don't have a raised porch just a smaller one about 10' x 10' that I would like to enclose.  You did a GREAT job!
    By Making_It_Best
  7. Comment: 5 months ago
    Ryobi Garage
    This is REALLY nice!  I'm a newbie trying to make my garage into a workshop.  So many people seem to have finished, clean workshops.  How do you keep it so dust free?  I didn't see a dust collection system. Great job!
    By Making_It_Best
  8. Comment: 5 months ago
    DIY Plywood Shelves
    This is the best and simplest shelf idea I've seen that a true beginner can use.  I'm going to try to incorporate it into my shop. 
    By Making_It_Best
  9. Comment: 5 months ago
    Fairy House & Camper
    This is sooo precious!

    By Making_It_Best
  10. Comment: 5 months ago
    This looks nice.  Well where's the rest of it!  Great job!
    By Making_It_Best
  11. Comment: 5 months ago
    This is so nice!  I'm looking for ideas to dress up my pergola!  
    By Making_It_Best
  12. Comment: 5 months ago
    Silverware Drawer Organizer
    I'm a newbie to the Ryobi Nation and this is EXACTLY what I need to do.  What type of wood is this?  Because its eating utensils could you use scrap or plywood?  Thank you. 
    By Making_It_Best
  13. Comment: 5 months ago
    Miter saw cart with dust collector and shaper table
    You did a great job.  I would like to know more about the dust collection. 
    By Making_It_Best
  14. Comment: 5 months ago
    Miter Saw Cart
    This is a great job.  How long have you been building?  It gives me a great idea!
    By Making_It_Best
  15. Comment: 5 months ago
    First Work Bench
    I don't know if you're just starting out like me, but this is a fine first time work bench!

    By Making_It_Best
  16. Comment: 5 months ago
    Simple wall shelf
    This is a great job!   I am such a beginner but this gives me an idea to try over my washer dryer next to the water heater & heating system.  Thanks for sharing.
    By Making_It_Best

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