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  1. Comment: 12 days ago
    Workbench and Outfeed Table
    Nice work!  The work area and storage inside is really cool.  I'm planning the reconfiguration of my workshop and need something that can be stored along the wall when not in use.  Definitely adding to my project list.
    By grover959
  2. Comment: 12 days ago
    Nicely done! What a great use of space while providing multipurpose use.  The wraparound workbench is super cool.
    By grover959
  3. Comment Reply: 12 days ago
    Yard Tool Organization : grover959
    Thanks,  It was a fun project and helped get things off the garage floor.  Hoping to make a workbench next.
  4. Comment: 21 days ago
    Aluminum Gazebo
    Looks great!
    By grover959
  5. Comment: 21 days ago
    Tschirren family buffet!
    Nicely done.  The contrasting color / finish choices look great together.
    By grover959
  6. Comment: 21 days ago
    Cooler table
    Nice work.  I really like the finish.
    By grover959
  7. Comment: 21 days ago
    Clock End Table
    What a cool and unique project, nice job.
    By grover959
  8. Comment: 21 days ago
    New Table for new deck!
    Nicely done.  Looks great!
    By grover959
  9. Comment: 21 days ago
    Garage Planter
    Nice work.  The wrap around design is really cool and the finish looks great.
    By grover959
  10. Comment: 26 days ago
    Patio Table with planters
    Nicely done.  I really like the finish you chose.
    By grover959
  11. Comment: 27 days ago
    Finished trailer organization
    Nice work.  The layout and use of space looks great.
    By grover959
  12. Comment: 27 days ago
    Wow, nicely done, you've incorporated a lot of function while making it a great looking area.  The tool storage / display is super cool, and the Ryobi GDO looks great in the space.
    By grover959
  13. Comment Reply: 28 days ago
    Sliding Spice Rack : grover959
    Thanks.  I used 28" ball bearing drawer slides that I found on Amazon.
    They are full extension slides with 1" over travel that help provide additional extended length.  The drawer slides are rated for 100+ lbs and the rack fully loaded is about half that weight.  I originally thought I might have to use additional slides but started with two of them and found that it moves in and out really easy, even when loaded up.  

    Building a frame mock-up helped to optimize size and placement.  The width of the unit is 5.5" and still allows the refrigerator door to swing fully open without interference.

    I wish you the best on your project.   
  14. Comment Reply: about 1 month ago
    Sliding Spice Rack : grover959
    The fun thing with this project was being able to create something tailored to the available space. It looks like it's always been there. I have some other space saving kitchen projects in mind that I hope to do soon.
  15. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Wife's Mother's Day cutting board
    Nicely done, looks great.  Thanks for outlining the steps you took, I'd love to make a few of these for friends using cutoff scraps.
    By grover959
  16. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Toddler Couch Steps
    Nice work! The handle cutouts are really cool.
    By grover959
  17. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Folding Mommy's Kitchen Helper
    This is really cool project, I've never seen anything like it.  Lots of detail included in the build, very well done.
    By grover959
  18. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Strawberry Ladder batch build.
    Nicely done.  They look great side by side.
    By grover959
  19. Comment Reply: about 1 month ago
    Sliding Spice Rack : grover959
    Thank you.  I'm planning on doing a few more projects to complement it and provide more storage in their small kitchen
  20. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Wooden Bathroom Counte Top
    Nicely done and well outlined on your blog.  I really like finish you chose, it looks great with the cabinets.
    By grover959
  21. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Outdoor table
    Nice work.  I like the finish you chose.
    By grover959
  22. Comment: about 1 month ago
    Ryobi One+ Tool Storage
    Nicely done, looks great.  I've been exploring options for hanging my One+ Circular saw and really like this design.  The pencil box and sharpener is a fantastic idea, it seems like I spend half of my time in the shop looking for a pencil.

    By grover959
  23. Comment Reply: about 1 month ago
    Sliding Spice Rack : grover959
    Thanks.  It was a fun project and the build was very straightforward.  The thing I struggled with the most was getting the stain to match the existing cabinets as close as possible.  I used a Minwax Cherrywood Gel Stain and blended in some dark walnut before applying the polyurethane top coat. 
  24. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Toyota 4Runner Storage Drawers
    Excellent work. Such a nice looking and functional addition to your vehicle.
    By grover959
  25. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Kids drawing table and pegboard
    Nice work, everything looks great together. Did you make the stool as well?
    By grover959
  26. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Wine and Dine Buffet
    Looks great. I really like your choice of finish.
    By grover959
  27. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Mud room lockers
     You've included a lot of detail in this. Nice work!
    By grover959
  28. Comment: about 2 months ago
    LEGO Minifigure Display and Organizer
    Cool project, well done.
    By grover959
  29. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Kitchen Island
    Very nice.  I really like your choice of finish.
    By grover959
  30. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Small Floating Plate Rack
     Looks great. I really like your choice of finish.
    By grover959
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