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  1. Comment: about 2 months ago
    Shanty Mirrors
    These look great! They add a depth to the room. Makes it appear much bigger.
    By bchaffin15
  2. Comment: 2 months ago
    Fancy X Farmhouse Table

    This looks awesome. Since it is an outdoor table, did you use any type of sealant to protect it from moisture?

    By bchaffin15
  3. Comment: 2 months ago
    Fancy "X" Farmhouse Bench
    Looks great, I used the same idea on a indoor bench. Instead of the brace going across, I put in a 2x shelf on the bottom. Really like the contrasting stain and paint combo you used as well.
    By bchaffin15
  4. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Industrial Table : bchaffin15

    No problem. I tried two ways and both worked well. 

    1. Using flat bar aluminum. I cut it to size and then measure where I want the angles to be. I used my drill press to drill holes in it before bending. Then I use my bench vise to hold it in place to hammer it to a 90-degree angle. ***depending on the thickness I use a little blow torch to heat the metal just at the angle.

    2. Instead of buying flat bar aluminum, just by the lumber ties in the lumber section of Home Depot. They are usually thinner, have multiple sizes, and have the holes pre-drilled. Cut it to size and repeat the steps above but without the torch.

    ***Be sure to sand down the edges of the cut aluminum and metal. Don’t want to put rough metal on a spot people will run their hands over. I use my Ryobi bench belt sander, but you can knock down the rough sports with an orbital sander as well.
  5. Comment: 3 months ago
    Garage redo
    Looks great. How do you like the garage door opener? Any pros and cons?
    By bchaffin15
  6. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Wooden Sign : bchaffin15
    Thanks. It's 2- 1x's pocket holed together, with some 1x trim pieces on the outside.
  7. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Ryobi Room : bchaffin15
    Dang, I was just there last weekend. You must have had it awhile. Looks great
  8. Comment: 3 months ago
    Ryobi Room
    Hey Rusty, where did you get the rolling tool chests?
    By bchaffin15
  9. Comment: 4 months ago
    Dining Room Table
    Looks great. You did an awesome job
    By bchaffin15
  10. Comment Reply: 4 months ago
    One Car Garage Full Set Up : bchaffin15
    Sorry I didn't see that you said table saw. I understand now. There is actually a cut out below the table saw so the dust can fall through into a bag that attaches underneath.
  11. Comment Reply: 4 months ago
    One Car Garage Full Set Up : bchaffin15
    Hey, thanks. I have thought about adding shelves below, but the Saw fits underneath with the slightest gap for room, and the stand actually slides in the back. So not much room for addtional shelves under there. Thanks for the thought though. I will apply that on the next workbench if I decide to upgrade.
  12. Comment: 4 months ago
    Picket Fence Baby Gate
    Very nice. Simple but classy
    By bchaffin15
  13. Comment: 4 months ago
    Herringbone Table
    Really like this! Not your typical Herringbone pattern. Seats to match?
    By bchaffin15
  14. Comment: 4 months ago
    Combination Miter Saw/Table Saw/Router Bench on Wheels!
    Nice bench. Like how you are planning out for the future with the router and larger table saw.
    By bchaffin15
  15. Comment: 4 months ago
    Nice. Really like the solar panel post lights. Nice touch
    By bchaffin15
  16. Comment: 4 months ago
    Nice. I built one a little similar. The portability is the best thing with it. Cant wait to see the other projects you build using the new bench. Great Work.
    By bchaffin15
  17. Comment: 4 months ago
    Epic VIP metal
    Very creative. Im sure they loved it
    By bchaffin15
  18. Comment: 4 months ago
    Herring Bone Foyer Table
    The pattern turned out great. Nice cut lines as well
    By bchaffin15
  19. Comment: 4 months ago
    Palletwood outdoor kitchen
    Awesome. Great ideas for this spring!
    By bchaffin15
  20. Comment: 4 months ago
    Record Player Stand/Vinyl Storage
    Those hairpin legs go great with the retro look. Sweet build.
    By bchaffin15
  21. Comment Reply: 5 months ago
    Farmhouse Table : bchaffin15
    Thank you. I'm a big fan of your tools.

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