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  1. Comment: 3 months ago
    Live Edge TV Stand
    Very nice - that's a sweet looking bit of Ash. I've always loved the look an epoxy top gives pieces like this. Was it hard to work with the epoxy and what kind is it?
    By Archer100
  2. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Insulated dog house : Archer100
    I think the dogs like the windows too. I have often seen them staying in the house where its warm and watch me through the window as I go out to the shop, only venturing out if they know I am doing something in the yard.
  3. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Insulated dog house : Archer100
    I put a 'Hound Heater' dog heater in it along with a Wireless (Bluetooth) Temperature/Humidity gauge. I had no idea how affective the insulation was going to be and how much the dogs own body heat would contribute to the temperature. Turns out that I have not had to turn the heater on at all to keep a comfortable temp. I expect it would need to get down into the low teens before I would need to turn it on. Unfortunately my attempts to protect the Wireless gauge fell short and one of the dogs chewed it up ($25.00 down the drain). At least is served its purpose before it got mauled.
  4. Comment: 3 months ago
    Boardform Concrete Garden and Bench
    Wow that turned out so awesome and the shot at dusk makes a person just want to sit and enjoy the evening. Thanks for sharing.
    By Archer100
  5. Comment: 3 months ago
    Reclaimed wood bar and pallet wall basement renovation
    Awesome wall, really like the way your did it.
    By Archer100
  6. Comment: 3 months ago
    Palletwood outdoor kitchen
    Very nice looks awesome. What is your process for breaking down a pallet?
    By Archer100
  7. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Insulated dog house : Archer100
    Yes the top is hinged so I have better access to cleaning it out. I used some 1/4” clear polycarbonate for the windows
  8. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Flip Top Tool Cart : Archer100
    I saw something similar by 'DIY Tyler' and others on youtube and then adapted different ideas from each into this design that I felt would work best in my situation.
  9. Comment Reply: 3 months ago
    Flip Top Tool Cart : Archer100
    I did draw it up in Sketchup to give me the general dimensions but had to tweak thing to use up left over wood. I can share the Sketchup files if you would like.

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