Ryobi 68pc Driving Kit Review

We all need bits to accompany our impact driver. They will easily disappear into the dark depths of your tool bag or box if they aren’t kept organized and secure. Ryobi has released a line of bits and drivers that do just that. This specific Ryobi bit set covers the largest in their line of impact driving sets. Let’s dive into the Ryobi 68pc Driving Kit Review and see how they perform.

It seems like no matter how much you plan for a job, there are always some oddball fasteners you encounter. For this reason, it is always better to have a whole set of bits for your impact driver. In the world of power tool accessories, a good set of bits is almost as coveted as the perfect blade and with good reason. The right accesory can make all the difference in how your power tools perform.

Being that impact drivers keep getting more and more powerful, being able to use sockets with them is also more popular than ever. Ryobi’s 68pc Impact Driving Kit solves all of these problems. The whole kit is also contained in a small, secure case as well.

The set comes in a sturdy plastic clamshell case. A sliding lock keeps the case securely closed, yet is easily opened.

All of the bits are laid out in an organized fashion that makes identifying the one you’re looking for rather easy. Tight plastic tabs or sleeves hold everything in place.

Socket adapters are located on a convenient flap. A good feature that takes advantage of otherwise unused space.

Bits are made with a “Torsion Zone” that absorbs the torque from an impact driver. This feature prevents damage to bits and fasteners, extending the life of both. A similar feature is found on our Husky Torque Limiting Extensions Review.

A magnetic screw guide is also included, which accepts standard, short 1/4″ hex bits. Screws are prevented from falling off of the bit with the sliding sleeve.

Bit sizes are stamped on the shank of each piece. Albeit some are easier to read than others.

Ryobi 68pc Driving Kit Review Performance

These bits fit well into fasteners. The shanks also fit well into the chuck of my impact drivers. I used this set on a project and they worked flawlessly.

There is a bit of a trade-off between having a nice compact kit that is easy to carry and being able to easily get to some of the bits. I had a little bit of a difficult time getting some of the bits on the top row out. It was easy to use another bit to help get them out if I couldn’t with my finger. Again, this is a trade-off for the size of the case. I also believe that they will become easier to get out with use, as the plastic loosens up.

Included are 3 socket adapters: ¼”, 3/8”, and ½”. These are extremely handy if the included socket bits are not what you need for the job. Socket adapters are always a good idea to have around, so including them in this kit was a wonderful idea.

Ryobi 68pc Driving Kit Review Value

Home Depot offers this kit for $19.97. For under $20 for an entire setup, this handy kit is a no-brainer. I have paid more for smaller kits on Black Friday. Larger sets are indeed available (both more pieces and in larger cases). What makes this kit such a standout deal is that it contains the most popular bit and has socket adapters, something a lot of kits lack. Most of them do not have the popular bits this set does nor do they have the socket adapters.

Ryobi 68pc Driving Kit Review Final Thought

All things considered, this kit is a home run. A kit like this is likely all the average Homeowner will need and more. Pricing is great, the case size is compact and secure, and the assortment of bits is almost overwhelming. As always, Ryobi puts out a great budget-friendly product a wide range of users will love.

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Tool Test: The Solar Jobsite

New tools and battery systems bring the off-grid solar jobsite a step closer.

When Ryobi unveiled its new 18V ONE+ 10-inch Miter Saw, the time seemed right to test the viability of an all-solar powered jobsite. I already owned a number of the Ryobi tools that use the same battery, along with a Ryobi P1311 in-vehicle charger (a must), so I had them round out the suite for me with the miter saw, a P5231 orbital jig saw, a five-inch random orbit sander P411 - and a plug-in, six-port battery supercharger.

My friend Oscan van Loveren is a well-informed solar dabbler and airline pilot. He walked me though the . basic mathematics of watts, amps and capacity when it comes to solar charging. He agreed that 200 watts of photovoltaic should be enough to bring a 100-amp, 12-volt battery up to charge over the course of a sunny day.

I included a 12-colt marine battery in my solar setup to act as a buffer. That way, when the sun went behind a cloud, my tool batteries would keep charging. Direct charging of Ryobi tools from PV panels (with a charge controller) is possible, but less consistent.

With the 12-volt battery at full charge, Oscar and I determined that I could expect to re-charge my Ryobi heavy duty tools batteries about three times per day, without draining them beyond the 50 percent capacity of the base battery. At times when the sun was shining, the 12-colt battery wouldn't lose any charge at all as I tapped the power for my tool battery charger.

Another reason I chose the 12-colt battery "buffer" is that the Ryobi P131 is designed for car cigarette lighters. It was an easy, flexible hookup. I just attached a pigtail with a female socket for a q12-volt charge to my 12-volt battery. The charger plugged right into the socket.

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