In Video 3: Planting and Mulching, you learned how to finish off your landscape bed. In this segment, Serena from Thrift Diving walks you through the last stages of the patio transformation with finishing touches like decorating, adding character and maintaining your new patio.

Step 1: Seating

If you’re on a budget, try cleaning up your old furniture, hunting for thrift finds, or finding deals at your local home store. Another great way to update patio furniture is by switching out the cushions or adding a few outdoor pillows.

If you’re feeling crafty, check out RYOBI Nation for plans to build your own patio furniture from scratch.

Step 2: Adding Character

Adding planters, outdoor rugs, and lighting can add dimension and spruce up a patio.

If you have something you want to cover up like an air-conditioning unit, get creative! Plant a tall hedge or tree in front of it, or create an accent wall to get it out of view.

For even more flair, consider elements like water features, fire pits or shade to make your space more comfortable. An umbrella is a great option for controlling the shade during the day. Citronella candles or a fire pit work wonders on the bugs at night. And lighting your patio will extend the hours you can enjoy it.

Just like the furniture, how you want to add to your space to make it your own can vary depending on your budget.

Step 3: Regular Maintenance

Don’t let all of your hard work go to waste. Make sure you keep up with your yard maintenance!

Maintain your clean patio edge by mowing your lawn and edging as needed. For most homes, you’ll need to mow your lawn every week and clean up the edges every-other time you mow.

To quickly apply fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, consider using a chemical sprayer.

Use a hedge trimmer or shear shrubber to control the growth of your plants.

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