Week Two - Creating Landscape Beds

In Video 1: Deep Cleaning, we learned how to pressure wash your patio. In this segment, Serena from Thrift Diving walks you through how to create landscape beds around your patio.

Step 1: Creating the Boundary

A mulch bed with plants and flowers provides a nice natural border and can take your patio to the next level. Use a garden hose to define the boundaries of your landscape bed. Curved edges will give your yard a more natural look.

Step 2: Cleaning Up Around the Edges

After digging out the shape and removing unwanted grass, use an edger to clean up the border. Many people think edgers are only for the sidewalk or driveway, but they are also a great tool for creating and maintaining a defined edge between your lawn and mulch beds.

The edger used in the video is the 9 in. ONE+™ 18-Volt Lithium-ion Edger.

Step 3: Prep for Planting

Next, prepare the ground for planting shrubs and flowers. For this step, you can use a cultivator to break up the ground and till in things like garden soil or compost to create a healthy, nutrient-rich ground for your plants. Not only will this make it softer and easier to plant, but your freshly-mixed soil will actually make your flowers and shrubs healthier.

We used a 40V-X 10 in. Attachment Capable Cultivator for this step.

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