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Step 1: Check Oil

Before getting started, always check to make sure your pressure washer’s oil is clean and at the correct levels. (Always turn the fuel valve to OFF before adding oil.)

  • Set pressure washer on flat surface so engine is level. Remove dipstick, wipe clean, reinsert (but don't screw in) and check oil level. The oil level should be at or slightly above the indication line.
  • The oil should be a transparent yellow/gold color. If the oil is dark or black, you should change the oil, using SAW 30 or SAW 10W30) before using your pressure washer.
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Step 2: Attach High Pressure Hose

  • Make sure the high pressure hose is securely fastened to the pressure washer's pump and trigger handle. Completely uncoil and straighten to prevent kinks.
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Step 3: Connect your garden hose

  • Connect your garden hose to the pressure washer's pump.
  • Once attached, turn your water faucet on all the way. Inspect your garden hose for any kinks or leaks. Repair leaks and remove kinks before starting.
  • With no nozzle installed, squeeze the trigger to relieve air pressure. Hold trigger until a steady stream of water appears.
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Step 4: Add Fuel

Ethanol can be damaging to small engines. It's always best to use Ethanol-free fuel, but never use anything above E10. Additionally, all gas pressure washers have 4-cycle engines. Do not use fuel mixed with oil.

  • Using a funnel , add fuel until full.
  • Add fuel stabilizer every time you fuel your pressure washer.
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Step 5: Turn Fuel valve to open & put on/off switch in on position

  • Find the fuel valve and turn it to the OPEN position.
  • Locate the on/off switch and put in the ON position.
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Step 6: Set the choke lever

  • Locate the choke lever or switch and set it to the full or start position.
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Step 7: Start Your Pressure washer

  • Pull the starter grip on the top of the unit to start.
  • Allow engine to run for several seconds, then move the choke to the OFF or RUN position.

If the pressure washer doesn't start in a few pulls, try one of the following:

  • If the rope is difficult to pull, try again after squeezing the trigger to release pressure built up in the pump.
  • Check fuel levels and make sure both the on/off switch and the fuel valvle are in the correct positions.