String trimmers are easy to use and a great tool for maintaining delicate spaces and areas that you can’t reach with a mower. From fence lines to flowerbeds, a string trimmer is the perfect tool for those finishing touches. String trimmers are also extremely versatile tools and there are many that feature edging modes or accept a variety of attachments. To find the perfect string trimmer for your needs, visit our string trimmer buying guide.

Where to Trim

String trimmers are designed to cut grass that is not easily reached by a mower like under bushes or up against walls. Always be careful when trimming around small plants and flowers as they can be easily damaged. String trimmers can also be used for edging driveways and sidewalks to give your yard nice, crisp edges. Some string trimmers are attachment capable and can be converted into other tools such as HEDGE TRIMMERS, PRUNERS and CULTIVATORS.

Size of the Line

Choosing the correct sized trimmer line is extremely important to make sure that you are doing the job as quickly and efficiently as possible. .065 line is the thinnest and is designed for lighter duty work typically done with a smaller cordless or electric trimmer. .080 and .095 lines are thicker and more durable. These lines are used on higher voltage battery models as well as gas units.