There is no better way to make your home shine than by routinely pressure washing it’s exterior. Not only will this keep your house looking its best, it can also provide a cleaner and more healthy space for you and your family to enjoy. Mold and mildew accumulating on your deck, siding and walkways can cause bacteria and germs to accumulate creating an unhealthy environment around your house. Routine pressure washing will remove these harmful materials quickly and give your house that fresh feel that you are looking for. To fine the perfect pressure washer for your needs, check out our pressure washer buying guide.

Electric vs. Gas

You always want to make sure that you pick the appropriate tool for the job. Gas pressure washers are more powerful than electric models and offer a higher PSI rating. Gas units are perfect for cleaning large areas like siding and driveways. Electric pressure washers are designed for lighter applications including washing cars, boats and outdoor furniture. These units have a lower PSI rating to allow them to clean these surfaces without damaging them.

Choosing the Right Spray Nozzle

Choosing the right tip is key to ensure that you get the job done without damaging the surface that you are cleaning. Tips with a higher degree have a wider spray pattern which causes the water to hit the surface with less force. Always use the widest spray pattern that will still get the job done. Be careful when using lower degree nozzles as these can damage delicate surfaces such as siding and strip paint off of your home’s exterior.

How to Wash

When washing a vertical surface, always start at the top and work your way down. To avoid damaging the surface, always start further away and closer as more pressure is needed. Also, make sure you keep the wand moving to avoid cracking siding or stripping paint.. Applying soap before you wash can be an effective way to clean tough stains. You can always purchase accessories, such as SURFACE and GUTTER cleaners to make the job easier!