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18V ONE+™ brushless reciprocating saw

18V ONE+™ brushless reciprocating saw


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Adjustable shoe

A feature that allows the user to move the shoe forward or back, exposing more or less of the saw blade.

Instructions: Adjust the shoe forward or backward depending on how much blade length you want to use. Remember- shorter blade length is easier to control, while longer blade lengths can go deeper into materials.


Bi-Metal blades are manufactured with two types of metal. This provides a much stronger, longer lasting blade.

Blade Clamp

This is the part of the saw that holds the blade in place. Most blade clamps are tool-less and spring loaded.

Instructions: Unplug or remove the battery pack from the saw, then pull back (or lift up) the blade clamp. Insert the blade, and release the blade clamp. Make sure the blade is secure. You should never operate a saw with a loose blade.

Flush Cut

Cutting a nail or screw to lay flush against a surface. May be used for tidying up rough or sloppy work

Instructions: Using a long-length flexible blade, bend the blade until it curves with part lying flat on the surface. Pull the trigger, and the bent blade will cut the nail/screw flush against the material.

Kickback (Recip Saws)

The unexpected action of the saw hurling the material being cut or the saw in the direction of the user.

Orbital Action/Oscillation

An additional setting on some Jig Saws and Reciprocating Saws that provide an orbital action for more aggressive cuts.

Instructions: Only use this function on wood- never metal or plastic.

Pivoting shoe

A feature that allows you to rock the saw back and forth during cutting without lifting the shoe off the cutting material. This helps you get through tougher cuts.

Plunge Cut

A cut made directly into a piece of material. It starts inside the material, not on the edge. May be used for: Taking down drywall, cutting slots for doors, windows and outlets

Instructions: Without the blade touching the material, rest the shoe of the saw on the material. Pull the trigger and slowly lower the blade into the material until the blade fully enters the material.

Pocket Cut

Cutting a square or rectangle shape out of the material; may be used for creating a space for electrical outlets.


This is the part of the saw that rests against the material you are cutting. The shoe should always be flat against the material. It reduces vibration and gives you better control.

Instructions: Rest the shoe against the material before pulling the trigger. The blade should not touch the material until moving at full speed. Once the shoe is in place, you can start the saw.


TPI stands for Teeth Per Inch. This is the way saw blades are measured. The lower the TPI, the more aggressive the cut.

Instructions: If you're cutting wood, choose a 6-10 TPI blade. For metal, choose a higher TPI such as 18.

Variable Speed Trigger/Adjustment

Allows user to control the speed of the blade. This feature gives the user greater cut control.

Instructions: If you're sawing and you hit a particularly hard patch of material, simply adjust the speed of the saw to help you get through it.

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  • Brushless Reciprocating Saw - p517

  • Brushless Reciprocating Saw - p517


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