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18V ONE+™ AirStrike™ 15GA Angled Finish Nailer

18V ONE+™ AirStrike™ 15GA Angled Finish Nailer


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Blow Out

When a nail comes out of the material where it's not supposed to. Often happens because the nailer was held at a drastic angle, or because the material was too hard for the drive settings.

Instructions: Adjust the drive settings before you begin working to make sure they can handle the material. Don’t hold the nailer at a drastic angle that might allow the nail to come out.


A small nail. Usually 18 gauge

Brad Nailer

A nailer that fires small nails or brads.

Best for trim work, and molding. Also great for general DIY projects such as picture frames.

Contact actuation

Or "bump feed", a setting on nailers that tells the nailer to fire a nail as soon as the nose piece is depressed. Allows user to fire nails rapidly.

Great for projects that require fast nailing / constructing

Depth of Drive

How deep the nailer drives the nail. Usually adjustable.

Dry Fire

When the nailer fires, but there are no nails in the magazine. Can often damage the work surface as the driver blade may come in contact with the surface and dent it.

Dry Fire Lock out

A feature included with some nailers that prevents the nailer from firing if there are no nails in the magazine.

Finish Nailer

A nailer that fires thicker nails usually 16-15 gauge.

Great for heavier crown molding, and small furniture projects.


When a fastener's head is even with the surface of the material.

Framing Nailer

A nailer that fires heavy-duty nails, ex: 10 gauge.

Great for remodeling projects that require framing.


The measurement term that refers to the thickness of the nail. The lower the gauge, the thicker the nail.


The chamber where nails are loaded and fired.

Nail Set

A tool used with a hammer to drive the head of a nail deeper in the material.

Might be used for: Completely driving a nail that is sticking out slightly.


A small fastener, usually 23 gauge.

Best for crafts and decorative work.


A nailer that fires small pins (usually 23 gauge).

Best for crafts, and decorative projects.


How much force the nailer uses drive the nail. Usually adjustable.

Sequential Firing

A setting that requires the user to pull the trigger each time he/she wants to fire a nail. Slower, but more accurate nail placement.

Great for projects that require precise nailing/ finish work


A driven nail is a set nail.


When a fastener sits just below the surface of the material.

In The Box


  • 15 GA. Nailer - p330

  • 15 GA. Nailer - p330


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