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18V ONE+™ 5 IN. Random Orbit Sander

18V ONE+™ 5 IN. Random Orbit Sander


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1/4 Sheet Sander

Less aggressive than the belt or random orbit sander, the sheet sander is great for finishing work on larger surfaces. It can also get into corners easily because of its square shape.

Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper

This type of paper uses a kind of grit that renews itself as you work. It tends to last the longest. This type is commonly found in a hardware store.

Belt Sander

A belt sander is the most aggressive handheld sander. It might be used for stripping paint or sanding extremely rough wood.

Ceramic Sandpaper

Commonly used for shaping wood. It's the roughest option that removes the greatest amount of material.

Coarse Grit

"Coarse" means rough. Coarse grit sandpapers have the lower grit ratings like 40 or 80 grit.

Corner Cat Sander

A corner cat sander puts out less aggressive power, making it ideal for finishing jobs. Its triangular head helps it sand in tight spaces.. It's triangular head helps it get into tight spaces.

Detail Sander

The smallest and least aggressive of the power sanders, the detail sander is best for finishing jobs in tight areas.

Fine Grit

Fine grit refers to a smoother, less coarse sandpaper. This type of sandpaper has a higher grit rating, such as 220 or 300 grit.


The finish is the condition of your wood's surface. A rough finish is one that's rough to the touch, and a smooth finish is smooth to the touch.

Garnet Sandpaper

This type of paper uses a mineral that tends to wear out quickly, but it also produces the smoothest finish.


A gouge occurs when you remove too much material from one spot, creating a dip in surface.


The grain is the texture or pattern of lines in a piece of wood. If you run your hand in the same direction as the texture, you're rubbing with the grain. If you run your hand across the texture, you're going against the grain.


Grit is the roughness rating on sandpapers. It refers to the amount of abrasive points per square inch. The lower the number, the rougher, more aggressive the sandpaper.

Palm Sander

See Corner Cat Sander

Random Orbit Sander

A random orbit sander moves a circular sanding sheet in a vibrating, circular pattern. Its random motion helps you sand without leaving circular marks behind. Considered to be one of the most versatile sanders, it can be used for a lot of different kinds of jobs. It can be used for removing varnish or finer finishing applications.

Silicon Carbide Sandpaper

This type of paper is usually recommended for plastic or metals.


A colored chemical that when applied, dyes your wood a desired color.

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  • Random Orbit Sander, 18 V - p411

  • Random Orbit Sander, 18 V - p411


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