Configuration FAQs

Are there any additional accessories I need to purchase to make the Ryobi GDO work with WIFI and the App?

The Ryobi GDO (model GD200) has WIFI built into the unit so no additional accessories are needed to access you home WIFI network and run the free App.

Is the Ryobi GDO System App available for Android?
Is this Ryobi garage door opener HomeLink compatible?

Yes, the Ryobi opener is compatible with HomeLink. You can find out more information about HomeLink in the user manual or visit

Will this garage door opener work with 8’ or 10’ tall doors?

The Ryobi GDO (model GD200) is designed for use with a standard 7’ high garage door. There is an extension kit for 8’ high doors (model GDAEXT100) that will be available online in May 2016. Extension kits for doors taller than 8’ are currently in development with availability timing by mid-Summer 2016.

Can this opener handle a 16’ wide garage door?

Yes, the Ryobi GDO (model GD200) will work with all residential garage door widths. That said, the height of your door is what needs to be considered up front. The Ryobi GDO is designed for use with standard 7’ high garage doors so an extension kit will be needed if your door is taller than 7’.

Why do my GDO lights flash and the unit beep when it closes?

Unlike traditional GDO’s, the Ryobi GDO system is WIFI capable which means it can be remotely opened and closed from anywhere in the world using the free Ryobi GDO System App. This visual and audio warning is a legal requirement that alerts people that may be near the GDO when it is being closed.

I can’t get my GDO to connect to WIFI

POSSIBLE CAUSE: Your home router uses an older form of encryption called WEP and it needs to be set to WPA or WPA2 security. If your router password is exactly 10 characters and consists of random letters and a numbers (nothing you preset) then you will need to consult the user manual for your router and convert to WPA or WPA2 encryption.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: If your WIFI requires a username and a password (not just a key code) then it is using CHAP which the Ryobi GDO does not support. CHAP security is typically used in business environments. Consult the user manual for your router to see if you can use WPA or WPA2.

POSSIBLE CAUSE: If there are more than 15 WIFI signals that your Ryobi GDO can detect then it may not see your router. To refresh the list of available routers, unplug the GDO and plug it back in and check the list again for your router or wait for a time when other WIFI signals are not visible.