Accessory System

Add different accessories to your RYOBI Garage Door Opener to cool, inflate, alert, park perfectly, and ROCK OUT!

  • Photo: Bluetooth Speaker

    RYOBI Bluetooth® Speaker - GDM120

    Make your garage the talk of the neighborhood by adding the RYOBI Bluetooth Speaker Accessory. Rock out to your favorite songs delivered by this powerful speaker or take a conference call while making sure your in garage production doesn’t falter.


    • Up to 30ft Range
    • Hands-free Telephone Calls
  • Photo: Park Assist

    Park Assist - GDM222

    Park perfectly every time with the RYOBI Garage Parking Assist Accessory. Help prevent damage to your car or garage with the dual laser park assist, ideal for any two car garage.


    • Dual Lasers for two cars
    • Auto activates when you enter
  • Photo: Fan

    Fan - GDM421

    Keep your garage cool, literally. The RYOBI Garage Fan Accessory helps keep you cool in the garage during those hot summer months.


    • Dual Pivot Point
    • Adjustable Speed
  • Photo: Cord Reel

    Cord Reel - GDM330

    Never search for the outlet in your garage again. The RYOBI Cord Reel Accessory gives you reliable power within 30 ft of your garage door opener.


    • 30ft Auto Retracting Cord
    • 3 Outlets with LED
    • Live-wire Indicator
  • Photo: Security Camera

    Security Camera - GDM610

    Monitor you garage—24/7. With 720p imaging you will receive clear, quality video and night vision, giving you the ability to monitor your garage at any time of day.


    • Video recording directly to cloud storage or memory card
    • 2-way communication from your phone to the camera
    • Automatic Motion Detection
    • High Resolution Night Vision
  • Photo: High Power Inflator

    High Power Inflator - GDM800

    Make inflation easy with the High Power Inflator Accessory. With up to 145 PSI and a 25 ft. hose, you can quickly inflate car and bike tires of all sizes.


    • 145 PSI
    • Display gauge for monitoring tire pressure in real time
    • 25ft. auto-retracting hose

App Enhanced

Connect your smartphone to the RYOBI Garage Door Opener right out of the box. No additional purchase, just visit the Google Play or Apple app stores.

  • Control your garage door from anywhere you have wireless signal
  • Monitor your garage door remotely
  • Get enhanced functionality out of your RYOBI Garage Door Opener Accessories
Download The Free App on Google Play and the App Store
Photo: mobile phone app