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of Mowing

ZT480ex delivers up to 3 acres of continuous mowing with a complete battery charge.




Produce unrelenting torque and power for zero turn drivetrain and 42” blade cutting system.




Experience the pure-electric performance of clean power without emissions and fumes.




Low maintenance and superior durability complemented with three years of protection.


75 Amp Hours | Mow up to 2 ¼ Acres with a full charge

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100 Amp Hours | Mow up to 3 Acres with a full charge

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Goodbye gas, hello convenience.

Imagine having all the power of a gas mower without having to deal with fumes, belts, spark plugs, or filters again. The RYOBI ZT480e & ZT480ex feature zero turn technology with lap bar steering to help cover more yard in less time. Cutting over two acres on one charge, they’re QUIETLY and quickly changing the way America mows.

Features: Performance

DriveTrain & Handling

Get in, out and around the tightest places of your yard with responsive and intuitive handling. A simple push on the lap bar steering quietly delivers unrelenting torque directly to the high-powered brushless motor drivetrain system. Turn on a dime and in any direction, while the independent brushless motors rotate the rear wheels in opposite directions for quick-tight turns.

Blade Cutting System

Cut on a dime and experience the ultimate cutting performance every single time. A simple push or pull of the 12-position deck adjustment lever dials in the perfect mowing height between 1.5” - 4.5”. Mow with more precision and less noise, while the dual brushless motors deliver unrelenting torque for the twin blade cutting system.

Durability & Strength

Built from the grass up, with a steel foundation for maximum durability and strength that lasts season after season. Ride with confidence, while the reinforced 12 gauge steel deck and rugged frame design withstand the abuse of rigorous mowing jobs. Experience low maintenance, exceptional durability and protection to match with the RYOBI 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Features: Convenience

Design & Comfort

Designed to redefine comfort with the end user in mind. Relax in the perfect position, while the oversized plush seat and overmold handles absorb the vibrations of harsh terrain. Experience superior comfort and convenience, with automotive-inspired features like the spacious foot resting area, cup holders, enclosed storage compartments and LED headlights.

Control Panel

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While riding at dusk, dawn or in shaded areas, powering on the LED headlights delivers the visibility you need. These super bright LED headlights throw further and wider for safer navigation in dim lit environments.


Whether you’re maneuvering in and out of storage, or in between yard obstacles, engaging the low speed drive option delivers the control you need. This driving feature reduces drivetrain power output for smooth and steady navigation.


The battery level indicator simultaneously monitors, adjusts and displays your batteries charge percentage. The easy to read on board LED screen keeps you informed at all times so that you can complete the job with confidence.


When tackling dense, overgrown or intimating grass conditions, engaging the low speed cut option delivers the torque you need to get the job done. This mowing feature reduces blade speed and optimizes cutting performance in challenging conditions.


Stay connected from any part of your yard with the onboard USB charging port. The enclosed storage bin with cable pass through keeps your phone charged and safely protected until the job is done.

“I went through some 6 inch grass in my back property that usually gives most mowers an issue, went through it like a hot knife through butter.” –amiles

“This electric Ryobi provides a much different experience from the other mower. The Ryobi has very good power and speed.” –Gkatulka

“So easy to drive around bushes, flower beds, and obstacles. Straight even cuts, no adjustments required. We like everything about this 42 inch RYOBI electric mower!” –pipercub


Diagram: Mower, TopDown Diagram: Mower, Front

Drivetrain & Handling

  • Dual Drive Brushless Drivetrain Motors
  • 0” Turn Radius
  • 7 MPH Maximum Forward Speed
  • 7 MPH Maximum Cutting Speed
  • 5 MPH Maximum Reverse Speed
  • Low Speed Drive Option
  • Emergency Foot Brake
  • Independent Direct-Drive Brushless Motors

Blade Cutting System

  • Dual Drive Brushless Blade Motors
  • 42” Cut Capacity
  • 12-Position Deck Height Adjustment
  • 1.5” Minimum Cutting Height
  • 4.5” Maximum Cutting Height
  • Low Speed Cutting Option
  • Side Discharge, Mulch or Bag
  • Dual Direct-Drive Brushless Motors

Control Panel

  • Start Key
  • Blade Activation
  • Unit Hour Meter
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Low Speed Drive On/Off
  • Low Speed Cutting On/Off
  • Headlights On/Off
  • USB Charger

Design, Comfort & Durability

  • Oversized Plush Seat
  • 4-Position Seat Adjustment
  • Overmold Dual-Drive Levers
  • Spacious Foot Resting Area
  • 2 Enclosed Storage Compartments
  • 2 Cup Holders
  • LED Headlights
  • Toe-Lock Parking Brake
  • Low Noise, Low Vibration Motors
  • 12 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Weather Resistant Steel Deck
  • Weather Sealed Components


  • Zero Turn Riding Mower
  • Charger
  • Start Key
  • Mulch Plug
  • Tow Hitch
  • Operator’s Manual
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty
  • 1-Year Limited Battery Warranty

“Overall, this has been an excellent experience. My other mower will be up for sale by end of this week.” –Gkatulka

“Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a new mower for a first time owner or as a replacement for your old gas one.” –amiles

“My opinion: Very best 42in mower in the world.” –owej


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