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Built In Shelves

Our daughter's home was once a study for the previous owners. They had built in some beautiful wood shelves, but they weren't sealed and the owners were very heavy smokers. Whenever I turn on the humidifier for my baby or on hot days the shelves stink and get a sort of oily residue on them. I mean it smells like an ashtray in there, and it's been over 10 years! No matter how many times I wash those shelves, and no matter what I use to clean them, they continue to smell. However, I love them. I love the built in shelves, the whole wall of them. I have stacked toys and books and they are all in easy reach for her, and because they are on display on the shelves and not buried in a toy box, she actually plays with them. So I want to rip out the offensive shelves and put in new, with a big corkboard in the middle to put up her artwork.

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