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Segmented Woodturning Projects

I am 18 years old. My goal this past year in my project was to make a segmented turned vase. The segmented process is lengthy and takes precision cutting. The process is basically preparing your wood pieces by cutting them to the same dimensions. Then you take the raw wood and cut to the specifications of the design. The specifications were calculated by our computer program. The pieces are then glued together in rings. Then when it is dry, the piece is turned on a wood lathe. This is where patience is important, turning is slow work. When it is finished, I apply lacquer. Then I buff the piece using the buffer.
A turned segmented vase made out of IPE, which is generally used for decking this was kind of an experiment as my leader and I had never seen any examples of this being done. In this vase I also used maple for the top and bottom and in the feature ring I used yellow and purple heart in a lamination and koa. I also completed another vase made of maple and walnut using a very complex and unique design. I also completed 4 bottle stoppers. I exhibited the items at the Redwood Empire Fair in August 2012 and won all first on the bottle stoppers and a first on my first vase and a Best of Show with the second vase and an award from the Redwood Empire Wood Turners.
My skills at woodworking have improved over the years. I took woodturning with Neil Elmer for two years when I was in 5th and 6th grade. Then I took high school wood shop and learned a great deal about power tools. My leader, Pete Passof has many ideas on how to put projects together.

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Farmer Boy

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor, Other

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